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Spike Lee partners with Internet marketing guru Jay Kubassek -NY POST

[NY Post Page 6 Righteous Film]

Former muffler salesman Jay Kubassek has launched something called “Aliquot Films” -NY POST

First output is “Meskada” with Meryl Streep’s kid Grace Gummer… [NY Post Cindy Adams]

Meryl Streep’s Daughter, Grace Gummer: Now out in producer Jay Kubassek’s film “Meskada”-NY POST

Brace yourselves, the Gummers are coming. Meryl Streep produced a brood of actors. First came Mamie. Blond. Beautiful. Suddenly comes Grace, who looks just like Mamie. [NY Post Cindy Adams] [] [iTunes] [netflix]

Chelsea’s Favorite Haunt… -NY POST

“There was constant friction between Abel Ferrera and hotel management.” says executive producer Jay Kubassek [NY Post Page 6 Chelsea’s Favorite Haunt]

We all have a taste for the absurd -NY POST

Though in the traditional sport – played in Nepal, India, the UK, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Thailand – the long mallets are made of wood, the Blue version resembles a ceiling painter without the roller. []


Jay Kubassek teaches Internet training and helps people unlock the potential within. -Toronto Star

Jay Kubassek, the Canadian founder of PRO U, an entrepreneurial education and empowerment firm based in Red Bank, N.J. “provides Internet training and helps people unlock the potential within.” []

Jane Ball hears from her Internet marketing mentor Jay Kubassek -Toronto Star

“I am so proud of you,” he says. []

Jay Kubassek, the company’s founder and CEO, grew up on a commune founded by his grandfather -Toronto Star

She’ll never be obsolete again: Turned out Jay Kubassek, the company’s founder and CEO, based in New Jersey, is Canadian. He grew up near Woodstock on a commune headed by his grandfather. []

A younger, hipper version of Tony Robbins, with practical content -Toronto Star

A younger, hipper version of Tony Robbins, with practical content as well as the capacity to inspire — watch him on YouTube — he grew up near Woodstock on a commune headed by his grandfather…. []

It was a secretive life, no TV, no radio, home-schooling, little contact with the outside world -Toronto Star

Kubassek broke away at the age of 24, determined to be as open as his previous life had been closed. He saw that the Internet was like a giant global mall, bursting with products, services and ideas — all competing for attention. He dove into it, with an eye on sales, becoming an “affiliate marketer” for companies like Amazon, earning commissions. “Most websites have affiliate programs,” he explained. “They pay commissions when you sell their products.”

He wanted to share what he’d learned, so started an online business that eventually grew into Pro U, which hit $10 million in sales in 2011. []


Jay Kubassek, living in an NYC West Village town house until this spring… -The New York Times

Small-Town Feel in a Big-Spender Area- Living in Fair Haven, NJ: More recently the town has been discovered as a desirable waterfront community, particularly by those who appreciate its easy access to New York City. []

Jay Kubassek’s MESKADA, (2010) Review -The New York Times

Class and economics muddy the investigation of a homicide in this thriller from director Josh Sternfeld. When a child is found murdered in the small town of Hilliard, police detective Noah Cordin (Nick Stahl) is assigned to investigate the case.

Jay Kubassek’s Aliquot Films, Filmography -The New York Times

Filmography on []


Digital Experts Academy is unleashed

Are colleges and universities offering Internet Marketing as a Major in trouble? As techniques evolve and practices change, emerges. Two Internet Millionaires, Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, give their take on Internet Marketing and how to make conversions mean something. []

Explode your business in 2013

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? If you answered yes, what steps need to be taken? If you follow my writings, you have seen this before but I will say it again because it has had a huge impact on my goals over the past couple of years as I heard it from a mentor of mine, Jay Kubassek.  []

Small-town thriller “Meskada” is an admirable cinematic effort

Writer/director Josh Sternfeld’s small-town thriller “Meskada” is an admirable cinematic effort. Like a true independent artist, Sternfeld permits “Meskada” to have a realistic conclusion that is about as far away from a Hollywood ending than you can possibly imagine. [] [] [iTunes] [netflix]


Jay Kubassek, Guest on Fox News Strategy Room with Eric Bolling



New York Blue on CBS Sunday Morning with Bill Geist

The 2008 Elephant Polo World Championship silver medalists, the New York Blue, appear on CBS Sunday Morning with the legendary Bill Geist. [YouTube]

U.S. Takes Silver In … Elephant Polo?

Unless you read the Katmandu sports pages, you’re probably unaware that an upstart American team has shocked the world in a very peculiar sport. Our Bill Geist has the lowdown on the team of New Yorkers who are a kind of pachydermal equivalent of the Jamaican bobsled team. []

ny observer

Elephant Polo, Anyone?

There were five seconds left in the World Elephant Polo Association’s amateur division championship in southern Nepal, and the New York Blue Elephant Polo Club was up 5-4 over the Tiger Tops Tuskers. []


World championship elephant polo? Now there’s a interesting sport!

New York Blue and Indian Tigers teams fight for the ball at a semi-final of the World Elephant Polo Association (WEPA) Championship at Meghauly, south of Katmandu Dec. 4, 2008. []

The New York Blue Gallery [photo gallery]

PIX Morning News

Jay Kubassek, Executive Producer of Abel Ferrara’s Chelsea on the Rocks, guest host on Pix 11 Morning Show

Jay Kubassek, Executive Producer of Abel Ferrara’s Chelsea on the Rocks (starring Dennis Hopper, Milos Forman, R. Crumb, Ethan Hawke, Grace Jones, and a whole host of Chelsea Hotel regulars…) is guest host on the  Pix 11 Morning Show. []


Chelsea on the Rocks, Review

The Chelsea Hotel has long been considered the creative epicenter of New York City, a sort of unofficial gathering point for the most renowned artists and entertainers that the city has to offer. []


Meskada, Review

Meskada follows a small-town detective named Noah Cordin as he struggles to solve the brutal murder of a boy in the peaceful, affluent town of Hilliard. The killers left behind no clues at the crime scene, with the exception of a scrap of paper leading Cordin back to his hometown of Caswell. []


meskada_thumb nailMeskada

MESKADA: Small-town detective Noah Cordin (Nick Stahl) is called to solve a juvenile homicide that occurred during a home burglary in his affluent town of Hilliard. The dead boy’s mother, Allison Connor, (Rachel Nicols) is a member of the Meskada County Board of Commissioners, and a powerful woman in Hilliard; and the entire township rallies together in solidarity – to support her and Detective Cordin’s efforts to find the killers. [] [iTunes] [netflix]

chelsea on the rocks thumbnail jay kubassekChelsea on the Rocks

Chelsea on the Rocks is a documentary film directed by Abel Ferrara about the Hotel Chelsea, the people that have lived there, and famous events that took place there. Featuring Dennis Hopper, Milos Forman, R. Crumb, Ethan Hawke, GraceJones, and a whole host of Chelsea Hotel regulars who all chime in with their fondest memories about the New York landmark, and their thoughts about what may be in store for the iconic building in the future. [] [Abel Ferrara]

evolution of a criminalEvolution of a Criminal

Executive Producers Spike Lee and Jay Kubassek bring you a compelling real life story about a juvenile criminal Darius Monroe. Tens years after robbing a Bank of America, Darius returns home to examine how his actions affected the lives of family, friends…and victims. []

guest of a guest

With the plethora of cool projects in the works, Aliquot Films announces new films

The independent film fund and production company will begin shooting “Meskada” on June 8th – the film will be the second feature in production for the NYC-based company. []

Much to celebrate at Aliquot Films launch party

With the plethora of cool projects in the works, Aliquot Films had much to celebrate at last night’s investors party hosted by Founder Jay Kubassek at the IMI Club. []

Cannes Featured Chelsea On The Rocks Premieres Tonight

Notorious indie film director Abel Ferrara, makes a rather appropriate, and mythical return to New York cinema with the much anticipated documentary “Chelsea on the Rocks.” The documentary is a raucous, incendiary, and strangely nostalgic portrait of the legendary Chelsea Hotel. []

getty-logoThe New York Blue []

Willem Dafoe, Matthew Modine, Rod Surut, and Abel Ferrara attend Jay Kubassek’s Aliquot Films Christmas Party in NYC

Star studded cast attends the Aliquot Films Christmas party in NYC. Spotted were, Willem Dafoe, Matthew Modine, Rod Surut, and Abel Ferrara.  []