Step Into Self Reliance as a Digital Entrepreneur

This transcript is based on the January 29, 2013 podcast WAKE UP: Step Into Self Reliance

Take That Step!

You’re doing one of two things right now: You’re either fading away or evolving towards excellence.

You’re either surviving and thriving, or slowly dying.

Tap into your value; your own tremendous potential and begin creating for that outcome that remains yet an idea or dream.

Most people out there (what I call the 99%) are content to live a status quo life: get an education you’re supposed to have so you can get the job you’re supposed to want. They’re perfectly happy with that, and that’s OK. Then there are those 1% who desire more, something better. They want to build their dreams. However, many of them don’t know how, and they’ve never had a mentor to show them the way.

That’s what I am all about, showing you. I’m not here to teach you or give you anything; I can’t do that. What I’m here to do is wake you up to what you already have inside of you. There’s this con out there that you are inadequate, that you need this education, these talents, etc., to create your own reality. That’s a LIE, and I am here to wake you up to it.

WHY wait until you are forced?

Don’t wait until life forces you to become more self-reliant like most people! The digital economy is taking over; it’s replacing more jobs every year. Unless you want to compete with the masses out there for those jobs, you have to find a way to become financially self reliant. Consider this: you already have 99% of what you need to change your reality and live a life of your creation. So do the majority of people I meet.

Your comfort zone is as big as you’d like it to be.

All that’s missing are two things, 1) a wake up call that makes you realize you already have it, and 2) the certainty you need to step outside your comfort zone to go for it. We are programmed not to do this by our very nature. It’s scary and uncomfortable to do it!

I have a secret for you: “Your comfort zone is as big as you wish it to be”.

The future you want lies outside your current comfort zone. Yes, it’s hard to step out of it and put yourself out there. You’ll open yourself up to ridicule from most people who are just waiting for you to fail so they can say “I told you so.”

What if you knew though that you would survive outside that comfort zone? What if you had that absolute knowledge about you that you would figure it all out? Like a little bird first learning how to fly, it will be terrifying, but all it takes is certainty that you know you can do it! You can finally take that step (even if it’s something you’ve been procrastinating on for years).

My challenge for you today is to know that you will figure it all out. This is what the people who write their own ticket and create the most success have: they know the outcome is guaranteed. They take action whether they feel like it or not, whether it is comfortable or not because they know it will work out.

Know your value.

Good entrepreneurs use their talents to create a product or service that fills a need. What are your God-given talents that you can use to create something of value for people? What you are born with, and the experiences you’ve had, make you and your talents truly unique. Even your most tragic, adverse experiences bring out character, and there is tremendous value in that!

It’s inside of you – unlock it!

Maybe you’re walking around with all of it inside you right now, not sure how to unlock it and tap into it. This is what I am trying to wake you up to – the presence of that incredible power that’s already in you. It’s 99% of what you need to succeed beyond your wildest imagination. There are just a few missing pieces; one of them is that you’ve got to know it’s in you, waiting to be unleashed. The other is that you’ve got to have that knowledge of the certainty of the outcome you envision. What do you want to create? What will 2014 be like for you?

Most people have already forgotten about their New Years resolutions for 2013. That’s why most people don’t get them done. You can set the intention of what the outcome will be! Think of the times in your life where you set that intention of “I will accomplish this goal, I better this relationship, I will travel to this country”, and then got it done.

You’ve done this before. Think about that – you’ve already proven that this works! Now for optimal success apply it to all areas of your life – your finances, your fitness, your relationships, everything. If you don’t set that clear intention, life will just happen on its own. You’ll get what you get.

Don’t settle for less.

There’s an incredible compounding effect of living an intentional life where you set the intentions and know the outcome you seek. Now you’re not just a victim of circumstances or left wondering “where did my life go?” It’s when all those hidden talents become incredible resources that will be the x-factors to help you create that outcome you’re envisioning.

Until you have a concrete vision, you’re like a construction worker who just shows up and hammers away at bricks with no blueprint of what she is building. No construction company runs like that! They have a specific blueprint and vision for what they’re creating that helps everyone work more efficiently. That’s the very thing you need in your life. It’ll shift your paradigm from reactive to proactive. It’s subtle, but makes a huge difference in the results you’ll get.

For a long time, I had a vision of exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t feel deserving of it. Others smarter than me didn’t have that life – why should I? Who am I to create something amazing? My circumstances reinforced my existence. That was it. I am achieving the status quo based on where I live, my education, and my upbringing. Can you relate to this?

Have the certainty to back up your actions.

Through it all, I had this grandiose vision of my future. It was unrealistic and out of this world. That’s the first step, but there are a million after that – and they all have to do with certainty in your step. Are you moving forward daily knowing that every step you take leads you towards the outcome you’re envisioning?

You better figure out the outcome first. Why go through the motions, and take steps to nowhere? That’s what most people do, and they’re not in love with their life. One day, your life will flash before your eyes, and the most terrifying thing you can see when it does will be “What if?” What if I took that chance and went for it?

The biggest risk in life is never taking one.

I’d rather screw everything up, fail my way forward, and get knocked on my ass over and over rather than playing it safe and never going for it. That car we talked about that’s driving towards your destination better have an empty tank, bald tires, and a shot suspension when it’s all said and done, or you weren’t driving the right way! Why arrive safely at the grave? What’s the point?

Some people live as if dying is the destination. How depressing is that?

There is so much beauty in the world – beautiful houses, cars, relationships, places to visit, things to see. All of it was made for someone. Why not you? Life is a beautiful buffet; select from its bounty!

Whatever you do, be someone with an aim in life. No matter how big or how small, pick a direction and work towards it. If you pursue it with all your heart, the money will be there. It will take care of itself.

Nothing is worth believing in more than you!

Where do you want to be in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Make a Bucket List. Set the intention. Believe in you; nothing is worth believing in more than you. Have the certainty to step outside your comfort zone and discover a world where anything is possible.