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It’s the Fourth Quarter. It’s Time to Win!

You make your own momentum… We’ve entered the month of October; the final quarter of 2013. In terms of goals and accomplishments, I have daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals to go along with the bigger yearly goals. For me, quarterly goals are among my favorites to set because you can get a lot done in […]

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Step Into Self Reliance as a Digital Entrepreneur

TAKE THAT STEP! With the advent of the digital economy, the most important skill set one can gain is financial self-reliance. As an entrepreneur money is made as a by-product of the exchange of products and services.  Today’s digital economy brings with it a whole new world of possibility and opportunity.  One can exchange a […]

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ANYTHING FAST: The Only Personal Growth Book You Will Ever Need, Almost…

DISCLAIMER: MAKING MONEY TAKES A LOT OF INCREDIBLY HARD WORK, EFFORT, AND PERSISTENCE. PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR DECISIONS AND ACTIONS Back in early 2004, my personal mentor referred me to a book with the world’s most cheesy title: “How to Get Lots of Money For Anything Fast”. My initial reaction: “Yeah. OK. Show me […]