First there was Flock, basically Firefox all dressed up in Myspacism. Then Mozilla jumped in the bathwater with Ubiquity (a double entendre if I’ve ever heard one) a plug-in like browser tool that let you update multiple social networking sites simultaneously. Hiya, Howdy and Hello….welcome RockMelt to the stage; Facebook’s integrated browser.

So…just to recap for a second, Facebook now has a deal with BING, to capture the search space, and now RockMelt to insert themselves into the browser argument? Not a bad market share right? Interesting little side-note, RockMelt is based on Google Chrome (same speed, looks and functions) so it looks like Facebook surely doesn’t discriminate when it comes to choosing partners.

In theory, RockMelt is actually more of a “social web browser” since you will eventually be able to upload, update (and every other up-prefix) to ALL of your social media platforms (it’s just Facebook and Twiiter at the moment).

Reviews of the beta phase are out. Per usual, the best review article is on WIRED: (Click Here to Read), or give it a test drive at

Here are a couple of other notable site reviews:

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