An amazing statistic right? 2 million from 24; impressive anyway you slice it. Take that Facebook! In your face GroupOn!

We live in a viral world. Growth is no longer a slow and steady process; it happens seemingly overnight. Ideas go from atomic, to ubiquitous, in a flash. For entrepreneurs, the soil of new business growth couldn’t be riper. In 2011 more Americans, and citizens of the globe for that matter, will start their own businesses since the turn of the century.

As we close this decade, ask yourself what “idea rabbits” do you have waiting to blossom? Remember, the greatest of successes, begin as the smallest of ideas.

All the best,


Jay Kubassek


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2 thoughts on “Great Things come from Small Packages”

  1. Krystyna Chlipalski

    Dear Jay,

    Close your eyes, take a deep breath and whisper … life is beautiful … even with 2 million rabbits in the world … lol! (Come dance with me …)

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