The Only Economy That Matters

Transcript based on the January 8, 2013 podcast WAKE UP: The Only Economy That Matters

Your Economy is The Only Economy That Matters

2012 was a tough year for some folks out there. After a divisive election and a sluggish economy, a lot of people were left with a negative vibe from 2012. There was a lot of it around here in New Jersey, after the hurricane we had, but, we’re past that. 2013 feels different already, there’s an energy in the air now, and I’m here to tell you that the energy you feel is the possibilities of a new year coming up for you to make whatever you desire of it.

What if you could leave behind some of the patterns of self-sabotage this year and create a new reality for yourself?

Maybe you’ve noticed that, no matter how hard you work, perpetually, there’s the same amount of money in your bank account. Nothing ever seems to change. The same old status quo remains. Another year came and went.

This year is not just another year! This year is different because of the historical opportunity we have to change everything we wish to about our lives.

Have you heard of the Industrial Revolution? It began in the UK a couple of hundred years ago. At the time, it was an agricultural world, with many more farmers than today’s world. Practically everyone produced his own food or traded with other farmers for their food. The ratio of farmers to non-farmers was just about one to one.

Meanwhile the Industrial Revolution began, and the world changed. Everything that was once done by hand slowly became mechanized. This change swept across Europe to the rest of the civilized world, and continues to expand into third world countries today.

What was the result of all this change? A huge opportunity to create wealth. The world had found a more efficient way of producing goods, and entrepreneurs who were in a position to serve that process could become extremely wealthy like never before.

One such entrepreneur was Andrew Carnegie, a magnate of the steel industry in the early 20th century. He commissioned author Napolean Hill to write a book about the principles of success by reverse-engineering the success secrets of the wealthiest, most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Napolean interviewed 400 of these millionaire entrepreneurs and condensed their common themes of success into his famous book “Think and Grow Rich”.

What was it that Hill found was the most common principle in the world’s success stories? “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

As cliche as it sounds, maybe there’s a reason that all of these successful people think that way.

In the day of Hill and Carnegie, there was a tremendous opportunity to create wealth. The timing was right for it. That, however, didn’t last. The Industrial Revolution gave way to the Great Depression in the 1930s, and many people across the world lost fortunes during that time. Despite that, some people avoided such a fate; they even found ways to become wealthier. They were examples of those successful few who, whether the world’s economies are good or bad, always find ways to be successful. How is that?

The only economy that matters is yours.

The mass media’s message about the financial economy is all about victim mentality. It’s not your fault that you’re not succeeding; it’s because it is a tough economy.


What I’m here to wake you up to is the fact that the only economy that controls how successful you can be is your own. The question is this: are you in the right economy? Have you created a niche in a growing, cutting-edge economy with which to be successful?

Successful people, as proven by Napolean Hill’s book, have certain things in common. They question everything. Everything they’ve done up to that point – everything they believe to be true – can be questioned and improved upon in some way. They’re willing to change their mind and be wrong. They’re not tied to their past ways or methods of producing success. They’re always seeking to improve.

College football fans saw Alabama win the college football national championship recently. It was a back-to-back title, the first time that had ever been done. When coach Nick Saban was asked how long he would enjoy it, he responded: “I’ll be back to work on Thursday. I’ll take tomorrow off, but I will be back to work in 48 hours. We are behind in recruiting, and we are losing some great players. The fact that we just won this game means nothing. On Thursday, we are back on par with every other school who wants to win the championship next year, and we have to go to the drawing board as if we had not won.”

What an incredible message there!

Don’t buy into your past success any more than you buy into your past failure.

As of right now, the past does not exist. What you did before, good or bad, does not matter. Stop letting your past be your reality and define what your future reality can be. If 2012 was a bad year for you, it’s time to forget it and move on, or it will hold you back from pursuing excellence in 2013. You cannot seize success in the moment if you’re holding onto the past with guilt or fear.

The industrial Revolution not only created incredible wealth, but spawned other revolutions too. After that, the Transportation Revolution happened, with trains and planes. The Space Age followed pursuit, with space shuttles, after that. All of these were a smaller part of the Industrial Revolution, and each of these created tremendous wealth.

We are in the middle of an even bigger revolution than all of that today. Call it the Digital Revolution, the Information Age, or whatever else – computers are a dominant force in society. And that has changed everything again.

Whereas the Industrial Revolution created tremendous wealth by allowing the mass production of goods, the Digital Revolution has separated physical goods from value. Now you can receive something of value right from your computer without ever getting a physical product. That has given everyone with a computer the opportunity to create tremendous wealth like has never before been possible. Do you see the power of that?

You have a greater ability to create wealth right now than has ever existed before in the history of the world. Ever!

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I wish I’d bought Google stock early on…”, or, “I wish I had bought into Apple as a startup…”, you know how it feels to be left behind when you’ve passed up a major opportunity. I promise you this: that’s exactly how you’re going to feel 10 or 20 years from now if you don’t seize the opportunity the Digital Revolution has brought to you today.

2012 is over. Don’t let 2013 come and go if you did that in 2012! Drop the thinking that your past defines your reality, and you’ll find yourself in a place on the cutting edge of today’s revolution. Understand that timing is crucial to success for you, just like it was for the 400 millionaires that Napolean Hill interviewed for his book. The timing for you is right, just like it was for them, only, even bigger this time.

Let go of your past patterns. Question everything about what you’re capable of. Challenge your old beliefs because you’re living in a new world and a new year. It’s ready to explode the only economy that matters – the economy of you.

If this inspired you, share it with your friends and family! I’m here to WAKE UP what drives you, and millions of other people, to be your best self. That’s my mission. Thank you for sharing my mission by sharing this message with others, and I hope my message helps you discover the mission in YOUR life.