Last week marked the 400-year anniversary of Galileo presenting the telescope to the world. With a simple leather tube, and nine times the magnification, Galileo forever changed the modern world. His simple invention fundamentally rocked the authority of the Church, and the prevailing beliefs about the universe. A single act of foresight, and broad minded questioning, scientifically proved many of the accepted teachings and beliefs false.

Arguably the most destructive, was the revelation that the Sun revolved around the Earth, instead of the opposite. The vision of one man, forever changed the perspective and trajectory of modern evolution and technology like no other.

Sadly, according to recent survey, over 10% of Americans still think that the Earth is circled by the Sun. This I find to be incredibly sad.

Ignorance, was a legitimate excuse 400 years ago. Literacy was a luxury, scientific revelations, or any progressive knowledge or shared understanding for that matter, was limited to the intellectual elite. These limitations have long since been eradicated. Today’s information age, the advent of the Internet, has made information more democratic and available than ever before, and continues to expand daily. We have a social, and civic responsibility, to ourselves, and to the world to continue to move this progress forward.

Complacency kills, and ignorance is a cancer of the brain. Educate yourself, take action, and change your life. Opportunity lies abound everywhere for those who are looking for it.


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