Funny story from the other day. So, I’d just left a meeting in midtown Manhattan. It’s early afternoon, so the elevators are pretty crowded and I’m making my way down from the 30th floor. At the 20th, doors ding open and on steps a corporate-ish team of some kind. Matching button down suits, dark colors; pretty standard from A to Z.

Blue suit One says to Blue suit Two: “Yeah..but did you see his phone?! Seriously…can’t trust a guy in a position like THAT with a flip phone!”

Ironically, as these very words are uttered; I’m checking my emails, sent a Tweet or two and made 3 adjustments to my synced calendar, simultaneously. Now, “can’t be trusted” might be a stretch and a little too harsh (while it was pretty funny at the time) but I kinda saw Blue Suit’s point.

I mean what does it say when a person seemingly refuses to embrace the efficiency and expedience of new technology. I’ve actually read studies about how job seekers have a lower chance of getting resume responses when they have yahoo, aol or (God-forbid) a HOTMAIL account!! (gives me the shivers!)

Our phones are rapidly replacing the laptop, as laptops did to the PC, as our primary means of technical engagement. We can pretty much do anything and everything we need to do from our phone. Surf, chat, text, respond, review, tweet, poke…you name it, it can be done.

I came across a great article this weekend about some great SmartPhone apps that make those tasks even easier (a few of which I already use actually).

Apps like: Evernote (for getting down those great ideas before you forget), InerTrak which helps with projects management and tasks, as well one of my personal favorites: JuiceDefender, which helps you maintain that oh so precious battery life by disengaging energy sucking apps when you don’t need them. As we know, these innovations are popping up everyday, and considering it’s a 350 million dollar market, there sure as heck aren’t going anywhere!

Check out the full article here: Smartphones, get Smarter.

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Jay Kubassek


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