We are often conditioned to believe that the resolution, betterment or answer for a given problem is rooted in the addition of something. We search, seek and toil for the missing ingredient; that one thing that we need to have, or have more of ⎯ to achieve our goals or happiness.

Now, it could be argued that this is natural considering the overwhelming culture of consumerism, especially in the developed world. Everyday advertisements of every variety bombard us with messages about how much we need to have this given item, and no other. We are sold on the dream that all of our inner struggles, strife or disappointments will be absolved for only $19.95 plus shipping!

None of us are immune from this pattern of belief. (I personally have gone haywire with camera accessories lately, but hey I’ve got a little girl now!) However, I would argue that whether it be your business or your personal life, it’s often what you remove from the equation that makes the big difference. Outsourcing, minimizing, leverage, organization ⎯ each of these actions requires you to discard something in an effort to gain something else.

The next time your evaluating how to better your business, your time management or your relationships with your spouse or child, consider first what you could remove from the situation before you look to add anything.

“Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler…” Albert Einstein

All my Best,


Jay Kubassek


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16 thoughts on “Addition by Subtraction”

  1. Björn Fredriksson

    Hi Jay

    Well, it is a big fortune that somebody are holding us on the right path with clear and simple visdom.

    Björn Fredriksson

  2. Hi Jay,

    Interesting stuff, i am new to CCP and just getting my feet wet. I will keep it in mind for a latter time. I have to much to learn right now.


  3. You sure have a unique way of looking at things different and yet seem to communicate what is should be so obvious. I love reading your articles and getting to see inside your mind, I applaud your leadership and your wisdom. Thank you Rick Smith

  4. Hey,

    Bob Proctor (one of my mentor’s) also explains this concept in his book You Were Born Rich, and as part of his coaching. It is called The Vacuum Law of Prosperity & nature absolutely abhors a vacuum.



  5. I took a plunge into subtracting some stored energy I have only to gain unlimited energy toward creating my future. I whole hearted believe in this company and all the leaders. I feel like I am living the 70’s again ~

  6. Thanks for all your support Jay. My Black Box reached Cornwall UK this pm GMT so have been delving into that plus a long chat with simon, my sponsor.

    Must say, as a conservative Brit, all the stuff is falling into place and I will strive to take note of all your wise guidance.

    As a mathematics student some 60 years ago I appreciate the formulae!

    Enjoy your weekend and thanks a bundle.

    Mike Richards
    New Boy on the block

  7. Hi Jay. I couldn’t agree more.

    I’m an amateur sound man and I’ve mixed the sound at church and for various other bands and events.

    When I would try to improve the sound in the auditorium, my instinct was to ‘add’ what was missing. I learned a valuable lesson from a wise sound engineer who showed me that but cutting certain frequencies I could create a ‘hole’ that allowed a vocal, instrument or tone, that was already there, to come through.

    Sometimes less is more.


  8. Hi Jay,
    I have come to know that to be successful, one has to remove negativity,lack of confidence,mind set and lack of time or money. AFTER THAT THEN ADD the opposite of the above.

    Thank you to your well thought equation!


  9. Thank you for your letters and especially this one. I have been bombarded on all sides and your letter has helped me focus on focusing. My time will no longer be wasted on all the offers coming my way. I will stay focused.

  10. As I’ve told you before Jay, the final, intuitive deciding factor for my aligning my brand with Carbon Copy PRO was your spirit. I felt it in my gut loud and clear when I watched your original “Inside Out” interview with Mike: Authenticity. Nothing can substitute for it; and nothing is more magnetic.

    Your heart and mind are truly in “that place” now Jay. I’ll be first in line to buy “99%” the day it’s published, and a complimentary copy of my new book “Don’t Die At Wal-Mart!” will be headed your way pronto when it’s released in April!

    As always man… Live Luxe Or Die!

    – Harkon Ajala

  11. Cheryl Christensen


    I enjoy your viewpoint. This is really the basic truth. When you stop in a busy world and allow yourself to be quiet, you have the chance to hear and see the truly important things: the beauty of nature and wildlife, a sleeping child, the clearing of thoughts and the inspiration we so often seek in the rush of everyday life.

    These are the things which drive us to be better people. Thanks for your inspiring words.

  12. Great message Jay. I agree with you completely. Regarding personal development, it’s critical to learn how to let go past experiences in order to transform yourself in the person who’s ready to be successful.

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