“Do something really good and really positive for somebody today … but do it in the knowing there’s no way they could ever re-pay you.” ~John Jackson

Natural disasters are often referred to as an “Act of God.” Catastrophic circumstances for which reason and rationale have no footing. We ask “why?” We look above and within. We struggle to find the lesson. Is it hidden in these tears, this pain?

What has occurred in Haiti is without question a tragedy. The loss of life, of any accord and scale, is an occasion that shall always deserve pause. It binds us together in the most simplistic of ways, as human beings. And so I ask you, the reader, was this an Act of God? Is it possible these horrific circumstances, despite the darkness and suffering they bring, serve to bring us together?

As citizens of humanity, as subjects of a higher good that knows no color or creed. No religion, or gender. Only the unwavering nobility of human life. As we bound together once more, let us be reminded that we have more to share than to cleave.

Remember, we will only be judged by how we take care of least among us.

To donate $10 to the Red Cross simply TEXT ‘HAITI” to 90999

It will take you a mere 5 seconds to do this. Collectively we can do a lot. Please contribute.

Other participating charities: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,582902,00.html


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3 thoughts on “A Simple Act Of Random Kindness”

  1. Jay,

    Thanks for your leadership in the wake of this devastation. JJ’s words definitely ring out here in a most meaningful way.

    I am honored to contribute.

    “Thia in DC”

  2. Hi, Jay,

    I think its excellent, what you doing for the Haiti victims-re- the text donations.

    I’m with Carbon Copy Pro, but I’m in South Africa at the moment.

    Is there any way to donate from here, like a bank account or something ?

    I would like to donate some money.

    Malikah Baatjes

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