Richard Branson is one of those rare public figures who never seems to oversaturate their audience; whether it be with their presence, speeches or products. Instead, it’s more like: “Oh wow, what’s Branson up to now? “Did you see that new Branson article?”

This rare ability is not some magical, alchemical allure that Sir Richard has (or a not so silent stake in multiple media outlets a la Rupert Murdoch). Instead, Branson has an exceptional ability to draw relevant, emotional connections from large concepts of business strategy, to the simple facts of humanity we all share.

A recent article where Branson describes the importance of making sure your business is FUN, is a sterling example of that very talent. My favorite quote in the article happens to be the last:

Branson: “Try taking yourself and your business less seriously. You may be surprised that many others will take you more seriously.”

Check out the full article here: and the new Virgin Atlantic ad below:


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4 thoughts on “Branson: On The Importance of Not Being Earnest”

  1. Yes, he seems that way to me too. I always like to read articles or movement about him. Easy going and likable guy, and also seems to be humble. I think this is what entrepreneurs should be!

  2. What separates him from the most is that each time you either meet him in person or read about him you feel he is down to earth,and one of us…he is not full of ego as many “gurus” out there seem to be nowdays.Ivan []

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