Abel Ferrara’s “CHELSEA ON THE ROCKS” is a cri de coeur for the Chelsea Hotel and the style of passionate bohemianism it represents, which Mr. Ferrara sees as having been under siege since new management moved in two years ago. The film, which opens Oct. 2, combines interviews with past and present residents of this West 23rd Street institution — including bold-face names like Ethan Hawke,Vito AcconciMilos Forman and R. Crumb — with re-creations of scenes from its history; in the most notorious, Jamie Burke and Bijou Phillips play Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.

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I have been a gmail fan since the day it launched almost five years ago. (Time to take down the beta badge Google!) Since then I have noticed that most of the internet savvy people in my life also reside on gmail ave. Maybe its the 7 gigs of free storage or the creepy ads that morph themselves into relevant blurbs of clickable text upon each refreshment.

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