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If you are looking for wholesome family entertainment this weekend, Chelsea On The Rocks is NOT the film to see. If you want to see a real documentary this weekend, go see Michael Moore’s film Capitalism A Love Story.

However, if you are interested in what the NY Post describes as an unending spiral of Drugs, Sex, And Rock and Hell, then the Rocks is what you should be going to see this weekend.

  1. -Was home to Kerouac as he FINISHED on the road he wrote in a benzadrine kick on E 12th
  2. -Dylan thomas didn’t die in the hotel but he was living there. He had 15 whiskeys at the white horse and died in the hospital
  3. -Mark Twain called the Chelsea home.
  4. -Warhol filmed Chelsea Girls there.
  5. -There have been 17 fires at the Chelsea
  6. -Some say the Beatles were given pot at the Continental Hyatt in La for the first time. Legend says it was the Chelsea.
  7. -It was once the tallest building in NYC.
  8. -15 people have been evicted since we made the film.
  9. -Currently 12 and 1 in the positive reviews dept with a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes! Take THAT Hollywood!

Here is what the NY Times has to say about it today: A Grand Central Station Of High Times


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