Google him. Google her. Google it. Google Me?

Looks like that term is about to become a reality. Yesterday on Twitter, Digg CEO Kevin Rose blasted a message about a rumor surrounding Google launching a Facebook competitor called “Google Me” (naturally). Today, Adam D’Angelo, who was Facebook’s CTO for years, has confirmed that Google Me is no rumor. And they are indeed stalking after Facebook.

D’Angelo today, on his Q & A site Quora (which is picking up steam by the way) gave some more details:

  • “This is not a rumor. This is a real project. There are a large number of people working on it. I am completely confident about this.
  • They realized that Buzz wasn’t enough and that they need to build out a full, first-class social network. They are modeling it off of Facebook.
  • Unlike previous attempts (before Buzz at least), this is a high-priority project within Google.
  • They had assumed that Facebook’s growth would slow as it grew, and that Facebook wouldn’t be able to have too much leverage over them, but then it just didn’t stop, and now they are really scared.”

Well, well, well. Nothing like a little web related espionage to get the blood moving, the mind churning and the dollars floating. Stay tuned friends. This should, and will be interesting.

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