I actually disliked and kinda resented Mark Zuckerberg (for no specific reason, mostly jealousy I guess) until I saw this video. When probed about privacy issues, Mark starts to sweat profusely. Then, the host suggests he takes off his hoodie while making a suggestive comment that maybe there are some people in the audience would want to “see him take it off too…”

Ironically, where are your 500,000,000 friends when you need to be saved in “socially” awkward moment. Poor guy. Now I just feel sorry for him.


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5 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg Having a Panic Attack…”

  1. Yes, I agree with you.. I didn’t like him after seeing the Social Network movie but after seeing this video I also just feel sorry for him..

  2. I wouldn’t say I feel sorry for him. He has a huge responsibility to a 1/2 billion people as well as his untapped market. I think it’s easy for anyone to look from the outside of what is going on with Mark and Facebook, but the truth is, this kid built a huge business that continues to explode. I am actually proud of the guy. He obviously lacks some communication skills, but hey, nothing a few books cant fix.

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  4. There are people saying bad things about the CEO of Whole Foods too. There need be no sympathy or hate for this great guy. People should stop listening to others opinions of him and actually see his responsibilities and actions.

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