I FULLY plan to slide into my parking spot in heaven SIDEWAYS with Jamie and the kids yelling, “HOLY SH**! What a RIDE!!” How about you?


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3 thoughts on “My Ride”

  1. Just my luck there’ll be a guy double parked in front of my space. Love the question about what kind of story am I leading. I want my life to leave a mark.

  2. When our hearts are open to the world and all its’ beauty, we can only surrender to what is asked of us. Clearly Jay, your heart is wide open, powerful video with powerful questions. 30 seconds does change your life…thanks for sharing the mirror.
    Dare to dream, start to believe…


  3. Yes! This was the best thing I have heard in a while Jay. After performing this powerful exercise I got mad too! There is always more I can be doing to shape my own reality. There is more all of us can and should be doing. The sad reality of it, though, is that people are too blind and too busy living a life designed by others that they cannot escape. If you don’t like your job, your current situation, the state of the economy, where you live or anything else, you have a CHOICE to make. You can continue living in mediocrity or you can make a change. Get angry! Thanks Jay, this was remarkable.

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