I’m not really an avid SNL fan. I watch occasionally, usually catching a couple of sketches in between the diapers and the emails…and even more diapers. However, this weekend the Tivo is set and the diapers will have to stink a little longer because Betty White, the resurgent 88 years young ‘Golden Girl’, takes the stage this Saturday. Since her outrageously funny Snickers Superbowl commercial, the Betty White train has come steaming back!

I bring up the incomparable White because, well first off, she’s awesome! But secondly, she is such a sterling example of how passion carries us through life. What sustains a career for over 70 years? Luck, ginseng, exercise? Nope, It’s passion. It’s waking up each day intrinsically excited for your craft, your business, your family, your day.

Passion is the fuel of our desires and the vehicle for our ambition. Embrace this, hone it, appreciate it, but most importantly, use it! Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to check out Betty SNL on Saturday.

All my best,


Jay Kubassek


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