You know how it starts; those little muscles in the corner of your mouth mobilize, your teeth to peek from your lips, then…booyah! You’re smiling. A smile is like a priceless little charity, or an unexpected warm hug for your face. One of those instant comforts that cost us nothing more than a few moments, but has the ability to softly resound with us for years at a time.

Smiles dog-ear the pages of our favorite memories; maybe it’s your child’s first toothless grin, or the first time you saw your wife ( a personal favorite). Maybe it’s your hometown team finally winning that championship, or a quick grin from that passing stranger just when you think the world is personally raining on you.

While surfing the movie channels last night I came across Pay it Forward, a truly uplifting little film about a 12 year old boy who embarks on a journey to better the world with good deeds. I’d seen the film before, but couldn’t help but pause at the simplicity and poignant efforts of the kid and his teacher. It reminded me smiles are a daily opportunity to acknowledge the very beauty in of each of us. An opportunity to pause and remember we actually are all in this together. Because sometimes it’s not what you have that makes a difference in someone’s day, it’s what you give.

Try giving out a smile or two today, I bet you’ll get a few back.

All my best,


Jay Kubassek.

P.S. Pay it Forward has become an awesome charity! Check them out here:


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2 thoughts on “Paying it Forward.”

  1. Well said, this is the second source today that I have heard about the principle of paying it forward.

    Coincidence? Maybe, but life will speak to us if we let it.

    Love it!

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