A couple weeks ago I posted a quick piece (here) about the emergence of social media as a powerful, efficient and effective philanthropic medium. The Haitian tragedy brought out the better parts of ourselves as a global community, and we saw that something as simple as a text message could do it.

Actor (and darn good one at that) Ed Norton has recently launched a great site called Crowdrise.com. A social networking site that allows the users to raise money for their favorite causes. Crowdwise is described as socially-conscious version of Facebook, and the site has quickly gathered a massively popular following. Raising thousands of dollars in donations already. (Will Ferrel’s page is hysterical by the way-see the photo).

We all have a responsibility. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun too. Take a moment sometime today and check out how you can get involved with Crowdwise, and help your favorite charity. Have a great weekend everyone.

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Jay Kubassek


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