It was the winter of 2004, I was 25 years old and close to burnout. I was working 50-60 hours a week at Midas selling mufflers, not exactly the most glamorous job in the world. My weekends were spent dreading Monday, I felt stuck, and I was doing this all for a measly $50,000 a year! I had no savings or disposable income and was to the limit on all of my credit cards. I was so sick of being broke and unable to afford the finer things in life that it made me resent anyone that actually did have any money.

I was worried about having enough money to pay my rent and even though I worked at Midas, could barely afford a muffler for my old beat up ’94 VW with close to 200,000 miles on it. A high school dropout, I kept hitting the same glass ceiling, yet I had no time or money to afford furthering my education. I was resigned and cynical, thinking this was all I had to look forward to before retiring onto social security. You could say that I was in a similar situation to the average American; spending more that I was making and on this monster treadmill, just trying to survive.

It sucked. It was actually quite a pathetic existence. I had spent close to three years in the home-based business industry trying to make some extra money so I could quit my job. Affiliate marketing, referral marketing, direct marketing network marketing, MLM, pyramids and ponzi schemes… I tried every money game and income opportunity out there. All I had to show for it were my two maxxed out credit cards and a whole lot of wasted time.

No one understands the struggle of the American rat race better than I do. I spent the first 25 years of my life barely making ends meet without knowing how I was going to come up with my next rent check or make ends meet. Over those last three years of working my job and struggling to make money online, I did however learn the most valuable lesson of all: WHAT DOESN’T WORK! I learned how “not” to run a business and the key differences between the countless scams and then legit opportunities. You could say that these lessons, even though costly and painful, where well worth their toll. It was like graduating from the school of hard knocks with a degree in gorilla marketing.
Then one day when I was at work, hating my job, and pissed off at the world, I stumbled across a website. It looked a lot like the others that you see online… lots of hype, tons of “you can do it too” rhetoric, and huge income claims. This website talked about this guy who was making 1000 bucks a day from home in some online marketing opportunity. I filled out a form on his website and waited 3 days for him to call me back. When he finally called me back I postured him and told him my goal was to make $50K a MONTH, just to see what he would say. His response, “Sure, I can show you how to do that.”

“YA RIGHT!” I laughed. I didn’t believe him for a second but I got started and gave him my money anyway. (Sucker!) I quickly realized that yet again I was on my own. I was going to have to figure it all out myself or fail. Once again I felt like I was being thrown to the wolves… I was embarrassed and pissed off. This time however, I had spent over $2000 to get started and it wasn’t my money. I had borrowed it and had to pay it back in full so failure was NOT an option. I channeled my anger, confusion, and frustration. I thought about the years of struggling and what my life would be like if I didn’t make this happen. I decided to suck it up and figure it out.

I gave it everything I had and was able to put my 3 years of experience and trial-and-error to use. I finally got something to stick. Slowly but surely I started to build some momentum and within a few weeks I made back my money. Then, within 90-days of figuring out a few more marketing secrets, I started making some real money. This was my first real taste of success and let me tell you, IT WAS SWEET! I was actually making more at home part time than I was bringing home from my job. So, I went into work one day and fired my boss. (WOW! Talk about an empowering feeling. You can actually read my resignation letter in the next chapter.)
I remember driving home that day with the most liberated feeling imaginable. It felt like a long awaited vacation had finally come, but this time it was permanent!
I was psychologically unemployable at this point and NOTHING was going to stop me. I was on a mission to prove to all of my friends and family members that I was NOT the crazy one!

Within the following 6 months I was making $20k-$30k a month. I was able to pay off and get rid of my credit cards along with a lot of other bills that had piled up over the years. I soon bought my first house, putting 20% down in cash and then spent close to $100,000 putting in a new kitchen and backyard with Japanese gardens and goldfish ponds. You should have seen the heads beginning to turn! I gave my old VW to a family member and bought two brand new cars, one of them was a custom built BMW! My first $100,00 month came my 10th month and I made close to $500,000 in commissions my first year! I changed my focus to helping others create what I had created and the rest is history.
I’m not telling you my rags to riches story to brag or blow my horn at all… I came from very humble roots and like many people, struggled for years. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and almost everything I know is self-taught. I learned the hard way, on my own, and for the most part without any help or support from my supposed mentors. I want you to understand why I decided build my marketing system and eventually CarbonCopyPRO: What you give is what you get… I wanted a $100,000 a month residual income and the only way I knew how to get that was to help others get the success that THEY want. Back in 2004, I recruited this guy with a funky Australian accent named Alan Moore. He was a brilliant marketer and we instantly hit off, becoming great friends.
We worked on a lot of marketing stuff together and we VERY quickly mastered Google along with all the other search engines. We both started making a lot of money but we never forgot about our members. In fact everything that we figured out, we posted on our website for everyone to use. Years of trial and error were eliminated for our members and we in turn we able to build a very large group of marketers quickly. Then one day, one of my members forwarded me a link to another group of marketers who had stolen all of our training modules, tips, and tricks. They had plagiarized all of our materials, re-branding them as their own. I was furious, how could these guys take credit for all of our experience and hard work?

I made a quick phone call to my partner down-under and within a few hours he had figured out how to password protect our website. This put and end to the plagiarism and was the genesis of our marketing system. It wasn’t called CarbonCopyPRO back then, in fact we didn’t even have a name for it. (If you go to and search for “” you will be able to trace all the way back to April 14, 2004 and see the evolution of our system.) We started out with a few dozen members using our stuff and by 2006 had over 500 members paying us to use our marketing system to help eliminate their learning curves. We had people getting started with little or no marketing experience who where able to quickly duplicate our techniques and somewhere along the way I coined the name “Carbon Copy Marketing.”

The system continued to evolve and grow rapidly. Alan was spending all of his time programming and I was still making over 7-figures marketing full time. We continues the tradition of allowing all of our members to copy everything that I created and found to be effective and we continued to grow. I spent my own money split-testing and tweaking the system so that our new members had the best possible training and system. Everyone got to benefit from our success. This in turn generated more residual income for me and everyone was winning! Then came the summer of 2007. A friend of mine by the name of Aaron Parkinson, whom I had met almost four years earlier at my first live marketing event, called me.

He had spent a year building a marketing system but wasn’t getting to where he wanted fast enough. We bounced some ideas back and forth and by this point both of us were eager to collaborate on some new concepts that we had been hatching for some time. Alan and I got our heads together and decided to bring “Parky” in as partner and we got to work. After hundreds of hours of programming and hard work, CarbonCopyPRO was launch three months later. The only way to describe the success of PRO is “astounding!” We had members who were with us for years, all of a sudden making $20K, $30K and even $50K a month almost over night.
The primary company that we were marketing for, like us, had NO IDEA that our new system was going to be so successful. Their sales were up almost 500% within 30-60 days. We were on a vertical growth curve. Our in-house call center was closing the sales for our member and people no longer had to spend months learning how to sell or close sales.

Our turnkey marketing solutions where cranking out leads like gang-busters and people who had never before been able to figure out the basics of online marketing where now finally making money online! Pretty much overnight, we defined ourselves as the industry leader in the world of online marketing systems.
I was raised knowing I could BE, DO, and HAVE whatever I want, as long as I just make big decisions and put my mind to it. The success of our CarbonCopyPRO is a direct result of a couple of guys simply wanting to share their success with their new members. Our ONLY intention was to be able to look in the eyes of our new members and tell them “yes, you can do it too…” and then be able to provide them with all of the tools and training they would ever need.

Jay Kubassek
Founder and CEO


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