Today we begin our latest quarterly CarbonCopyPRO 10 FOR 10 mastermind conference here in New York. PRO members, who have achieved a certain leadership level, are hosted at our headquarters for an intimate and intensive two day conference. Designed to equip, empower and inspire; our members come from all corners of Europe, Australia and beyond to experience this unrivaled opportunity to rub elbows and receive instruction from some of the truly most successful and innovative minds in Internet marketing.

At first perception, most would think a conference such as this would be filled with new, grand sweeping concepts, and secret formulas for success. While numerable progressive strategies and innovative principles of business are discussed and taught, the most prevalent aspect of the training lies in the perfection of details. The details, often thought to be mundane in their nature, which make up the truly essential elements of success. The proverbial “little things” that we hope to ignore, but come to find are those elemental aspects that separate the good from the great. The fledgling from the prosperous.

We all know life in it’s totality is comprised of these little things. The things that don’t garner applause or promise reward. The sacrifices we make in silence. It is these things that are the bedrock of our best selves. There is a wonderful quote by the author James Allen I always keep handy: “He who masters the small become the rightful possessor of the great.”

Whether it’s your business, familial duties, or friendships; embrace an honest commitment to the perfection of the unceremonious. These “little things” will never cease to separate those who strive for betterment, and those that make it a daily activity.

Have a great weekend everyone.

All my best,


Jay Kubassek


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