the drops of wrath It was a heavy and wet morning when the trees let out quiet sighs, aching from the fresh weight of the evening’s frost. A man sat in his study watching exhausted leaves tremble and fall, spilling light with each pirouette. It was a morning not unlike any other for this man. He rose at seven, as was his custom. Washed his face with cool water and prepared for the morning’s conversation and walk with Mr. Wellington.

Mr. Wellington had been his morning companion for many years now, and preferred a rather specific route to initiate his business. The man had found Wellington in a shoebox behind an Arby’s one late night. Grease had accumulated below the pups nose giving him a rather distinguished looking moustache of oil. The man figured a proper name was only appropriate for an animal of such noble birth.

Ten o’clock came quickly, and the ticking drip of the frost could be heard spilling onto the tin shed in his garden. A manila folder sat on his desk. A lifetime of thought, discipline, sacrifice, and struggle condensed into 42 pages. As he pulled onto the interstate a solitary drop of water clung to his window. Despite his speed the drop remained steady at his flank.

This brought pause to the man, and he looked back upon that solitary drop as he made his way towards the classroom.

There were many hands to shake, and all about him the man saw nothing but smiles followed by approving nods of recognition. It was as he had hoped. He tried with all that was him to be pleased, but he could think of nothing but the defiant drop. He felt it staring at him, or into him. He wondered would it be there when he returned.

As he made his way to the podium it became clear, and a wave of calm came over him that he hadn’t felt in years. He smiled, closed the manila folder, and elegantly strode to the trash and dropped the folder in it.

His audience stood aghast, frightful and confused at what they had seen. The man bore even larger smile now as he made his way back to the podium.

His words were brief, but assured. They were received in utter silence for everyone now knew, without question, here was a man who’s ideas were worthy of thought.

Friends, do not be afraid to be different. To think differently, to change your mind. What is that defiant water drop in your life? That hope, that dream, that stares back at you day and night? Begging for you to seize itself.

I leave you with this: “He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” -R. Waldo Emerson

All my best,



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32 thoughts on “The Philosopher”

  1. The lesson for me is that like the drop of water I must stand steadfast while all around me is travelling at incredible speed. Only then can I achieve clarity; and with clarity comes the strength to change.

  2. Dream BIG! Thanks Jay… you’ve put it at our front door.

    Our dreams can be a immense agent for change… the catalyst for inspiration, the fuel for ambition, the drive behind determination and perseverance… to conquer our fears and bring in a new reality.

  3. Thank you Jay. “He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.” Emerson

    Encouraging words to remember.

    All the best, Zoë Robinson

  4. Yes! My latest Toastmater’s speech was unprepared – straight from my heart with just one message – and by far my best speech yet. Being genuine, sincere, fearless (which is not necessarily without fear!) opens so many inner and outer doors…..

  5. Kevin Flanagan

    that dream, that stares back at you day and night? Begging for you to seize itself.
    Thank You for showing me Mr. Emerson’s prose….how fitting. I have been pushing this rock the hill for over 25 years. Now,I can STOP staring at the Dream & Live it. I will use this poem in the future, Thanks Again, Kevin

  6. I have been trying to be different for some 55 years now. I am a latter-day saint, and I am trying to live my life based on righteousness, honesty, work, integrity, and self reliance. I started my first job at age 11, I was married at 18, my first child was born when I was 21, I was divorced and remarried when I was 24, I joined the Mormon Church when I was 32, I had subsequent children born when I was ages 33 and 35 respectively, and I’ve been married to the same woman 42 years. I had to retire in 2009 for health reasons, and in the same year I became an internet marketer. I am still struggling with learning how to be a successful marketer, but I will persist until I get it right. Yes, it’s important to be different and try new things in life. That’s how we grow and develop. I also think that consistently living by the basic principles that I mentioned earlier is equally important, and I will persist in continuing to apply those principles regardless of the success of my business, because I know my future depends on the kind of life that I choose to live.

  7. Thanks for inspirations. You showed us to learn from nature as we are part of nature. Water drop is the mentor, if I can create faith in that mentor, fear would be eradicated and confidence will be born and sucesss will follow. And that water drop (pearl) is you my friend Jay.

    Thanks a lot.

  8. This same message is the one I give to my son at least once per week. Go for it! Take the risk and do what your passion tells you.

  9. The “defiant drop” can cause, in a moments notice, a change for the better which will influence the rest of your life. At some point we all come to that crossroad where we either face and accept change or the frustration of status quo.

  10. Thank you Jay. Very interesting,

    “This kind of fear is best handled straightforwardly. If everything seems to be going well and yet you suffer from nameless fears,take a look into your past and see if you caused those fears yourself. See if you fathered them somewhere deep in the experiences you had before.”

  11. I have come to a good place in my life. I could easily sit back and relax. I choose to leave fear behind to follow my heart. I want to make a difference in people’s lives.

  12. The only fear to fear is fear itself, yet fear has no substance lest we give it? To reflect on what could have been rather than what will be empowers fear to hold us anchor like in our present which becomes our future and our failure. To Hell with fear! Thanks Jay.

  13. Oddgeir Tjomsland

    I like to add my reflections: Beeing there -at the podium – just be there, like a frosen drop waiting for the next moment of movement -enjoying it -with his audience. Allowing them time to make up personal meanings of non-verbal words beeing spoken. Allowing them to feel respected as an audience, lifted up to a level of shearing the moment. A great memory to copy in their own way.

  14. You don’t look like a philosopher but goodness this sounds like a big story, What happens after he goes out for a walk, Who’s this man, Who’s Mr. Wellington?

  15. Thank you Jay –
    I am that drop of water.
    Without the spiritual words, life would be rather mundane. It is so nice to see that others seek that spiritual side.

  16. To think that one small, “stubborn drop” could dislodge a “manilla folder” stuffed full with our past life’s story, preventing any forward motion! So I guess for me it figures that no matter what people say we can or can’t do in life… it takes perseverance and diligence to get our momentum going. Likewise, the sooner we’re ready to throw our story in the trash and move forward, the better we will be… hmmm Thanks for the exercize, Jay!

  17. thank you so much, it was a word of wisdom coming from the heart. but for me the lesson was like a drop of water fall fast, when you have a dream to achieve you have to work hard to get it..

  18. Hey, that’s better and more profound than Norman Vincent Peale.


    Makes me think of a lone old oak standing there despite gales and rainstorms, and still growing new leaves and branches. No matter what.

    Thank you for the encouragement and motivation.

  19. Jay – thanks for the motivation, and the guidance. If you follow your heart, you don’t need directions.

  20. Thanks Jay,you are a GOD sent mentor.Being in the middle age without any security in life, I was so thankful that- though I’m having a hard time in setting up my Website at Carbon CopyPRO- you have equipped me with all the knowledge that I could use in procuring my life security that I’m preparing at.I felt like pirouetting to my best WINNING dance you taught me yourself.You are indeed a PHILOSOPHER.

  21. Hello Jay,

    I am originally from Calgary, Alberta and moved to Scottsdale Arizona to persue my dream of becoming a golf Pro. Along the way, I met a Dutch Dairy farmer (I know…I thought he was a baseball player! lol). Together we moved to Washington State, built a dairy, and had two children. I didnt much enjoy cows…and one day Oprah inspired me to do “my Passion”. It was soon that I created the first kids salon and spa called MOnkey Dooz. I have won awards such as Enterprising Woman of the year for Enterprising Womans Magazine, been on Martha Stewart Radio program, featured at top ten hot list in Entrepeneur Magazine…there is more, but you get the idea.
    My concept has led me to put it in the Ritz Carltons, Atlantis Hotel and more.
    After all this, the dairy farmer decided to divorce me…cause the banker told him I was a liabily. My investor visa is now being denied, they havent looked at Monkey Dooz..simply only the dairy, because it makes more money. I have paid tons to attorneys and now have been told I have 30 days left before being deported!
    It is like the Proposal…the movie, but instead of laughing, I was crying.
    Wondering, since you are Canandian..but probally married an American- because that is alot smarter! lol if there is anyway to assist me? Its time I reached out past the community of Boise, Idaho and searched for some help.


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