It is popular amongst successful entrepreneurs to talk about certain intangibles that make for good business. Intangibles such as leadership, innovation, persistence and follow- through. I say this, because I too speak of these things, both passionately and often. Their importance goes without questioning. Each cannot be given, and consequently must be earned. Each is intrinsically valuable in and of itself, and may stand as a singular example of character.

However, in my opinion, a single gift endures beyond each of these items. It endures because, in my opinion, it’s the single most valuable gift human beings can share, and could stand as it most rare. That gift is Trust.

Trust is a rare bird in an age where celebration of “the self” is most prevalent. Constantly we are pitched, marketed and sold things thought to appease our own wares. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this. We all deserve to live a life free from suffering. However, I think most would agree that it is more than possible, and more enjoyable, for the comforts we enjoy to exist for mutual benefit.

We can give someone a dollar, but it soon will be spent and migrate to the pocket of another. We can give flowers, but they too will one day wilt. We can give presents, compliments, advice and embrace one another in moments of despair. But to give another the gift of your trust is a commodity for which no darkness, time passed, or circumstance can ever wither. Trust allows us to walk taller, to face our troubles without fear and to triumph in the hour of greatest uncertainty.

Trust requires great bravery, to be vulnerable and humble. Trust is the first step to love. Trust is the highest form of human motivation. It is well known, and spoken of, that time is precious, but I believe trust is more precious than time.

Let us be reminded, the greatest of us to be given is always from within. Remember these things, for it will never be Yesterday.

All my best,

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7 thoughts on “TRUST.”

  1. Caleb Jennings

    I fully agree! “Trust, but verify” has been a filter through which I perceive most of my reality. These intangibles that you mention have been an area of great personal reflection for me recently. Another big one that seems to be at the heart of many situations, revelations etc. has been “Awareness”. I’d like to write an in-depth post about my personal observation of the true power behind Awareness in the many facets of life. I’m looking forward to having conversations on these topics next time we get hang out in person 😉

  2. Tatyana Gann commented on facebook:

    “Jay amazing post about Trust. I agree it is first step to love. Love’s one of main ingredient is trust, and it does require time… Trust to others starts with trusting ourselves first trust allows us to overcome our fears and learn to serve people better. Wonderful post… thank you!”

  3. Matt Mortenson

    Hello Jay,

    Really impressed with what you have done in our life so far. I guess I have trusted you for years now, just by the feeling that you vibrate. We’ve never done business together and I’m saying that. I look forward to seeing what is next for you.


    Matt Mortenson

  4. In twelve step meetings one learns rigorous honesty as the key to gaining trust from others and freedom from self.
    The signs of trust IN ONE’S SELF can only be seen if you really live it, with no strings attached.

  5. Michael Force

    Only those who are truly connected to the
    consciousness, know trust is pure human caring and connection at it’s
    core. And that is you bro.

  6. Trust…In our elactronic world of emails, tweets, and webinars the loss of personal contact makes it harder to establish because we cannot look the other in the eye while we shake their electronic hand. Having spent most of my life in the greatest of professions, sales, I am saddened by the lack of emotion and feeling the has arrived along with the electronic age of communication.

  7. Dear Jay,

    I cannot thank you enough for this wonder letter. You have made it

    very clear not only who you are characteristically but also who can

    belong to and sustain in the great community you have sincerely


    I have always believed that honesty, reliability and trust are the

    most invaluable attributes a person can possess and to have faith to

    succeed, and to be proud of, in life.

    I am a beginner and very new here. But I am already feeling very lucky

    and happy to belong to CarbonCopyPRO community of honest merchants

    whose aim is to succeed with determination by helping others. Your

    letter is archived and treasured in my heart forever.

    With warmest wishes all the way from the little nation of Maldives to

    you, your family and everyone in the wonderful community of


    All the BEST.


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