We’ve all lost someone. We know how it feels. I don’t need to write about that.

Great people, give even greater sacrifices for the betterment of others. Some are remembered with parades and street signs, others holidays and stamps. But today we remember those that gave, whatever the cost, without the need or promise of applause. The GIVERS in our lives whose names aren’t bronzed, but whose deeds remain living through our memories.

Today let’s remember those who gave of their present so that we may have a better future.

Whoever it may be, wherever they are… remember them today.

All my best,


Jay Kubassek


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12 thoughts on “We Remember”

  1. A lot of people in this world have no clue about what really memorial day is all about. For a $million earner, thanks for acknowledging it. 🙂

    Toki Tover

  2. Our freedom is free, but it is not cheep. Some paid a high price for others freedom. The real question is; do we know how to keep it and do we have the resolve to do what others did to get it?

  3. Jay,
    Several years back I drove down from New York, and my brother up from Atlanta and we met in Wash.,D.C. on Veterans Day. We spent the afternoon at the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Wall. We walked, and met, shook hands, and talked with as many people as we could. Men in wheelchairs, amputees on crutches, parents and families remembering… touching the wall, hugging.. pensively leaving pictures or flowers.

    We knew it would be a gut-wrenching day… somber, sorrowful, and tearful-and it was. But what was most salient and poignant about that day, and the hundreds of people that we encountered, was the innate sense of pride and imbued spirit of dignity that the survivors and families possessed and so strongly conveyed.

    My brother and I came out of that experience very different men. And having spent several years in military service and having encompassed the planet, I have seen first hand the global atrocities and mal-distribution of wealth and human rights. We, as Americans, enjoy the absolute best this world has to offer- afforded all too often, by the ultimate sacrifice of others.

    But our memorial should not be one of sorrow and condolence only, but more importantly an extension of the honor, pride, and respect that those who have provided so selflessly deservedly feel, and inextricably deserve from us.

    Many gave some… some gave all. Today, in gratitude we honor them, and theirs.
    Bruce Stromwall

  4. Very interesting and uplifting article,one of my favorite citations from the bible, Acts.20:35 “there is more happiness in giving than receiving”.
    Thanks for another good article!

  5. thanks 4 that Jay,

    some of us have even told the military where they can put their medals because of the team members we have lost.

  6. Mike Porvaznik


    Thanks for remembering. In this hectic fast paced world we too often forget the real heroes in our lives.

  7. Hi Jay!
    What a beautiful gesture.
    I think often of the late Jim Rohn, who has been an incredible inspiration to me and millions others.
    My thoughts go to him today.
    Have a fantastic day,

    Lasse Borg

  8. Your thoughts were appreciated by this WWII Vet. Iwas surprised at how few flags were flying in our neighborhood yesterday. You’d think that is the least one could do for what others have gone through. Rest assured, next year will be different. Dick Clark 6-1-10

  9. I attended 2 Memorial Day rites yesterday. At the afternoon Hawaii Veterans Cemetery in Kaneohe, HI, an inscription reads (paraphrase) “We (veterans who lie buried here) gave you (USA) our todays for your tomorrows.”

    [Think about that for a moment]

    An anonymous Vietnam veteran stated years ago during the 10 year Vietnam War, “For Those Who Fought For Freedom, Freedom Has A Flavor The Protected Will Never Know”

    [Think about that one for a moment also]

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