I get a lot of tweets, facebooks posts, and emails messages. Even actual thank-you cards and letters via snail mail. But I have never received anything like this… This email that came in over the weekend while traveling and realized that this is EXACTLY why I do what I do. Simply knowing that I may be a small part of change in someone’s life is beyond rewarding.


I’m hoping you read this personally. I just want you to know that you have made a difference today. I read through your entire blog. I started off sad, angry and embarrassed about the life my unborn child will be born into. By the end of your post titled “The Close of the Decennium“ I smiled, I was inspired and I was moved into action.

In the last 21 months I have slowly bled out an entire fortune with my real estate business. From living in a $2,000,000 home in Hollywood, to me, my 21 month old daughter and my pregnant wife sleeping on the couch in my mother-in-law’s house. I don’t know if you can relate but I have felt like a failure and started to lose sight of a lifetime of ambition, passion and inspiration. I no longer jump out of bed at 8am and seize the day with unbridled excitement. I slide out of bed at noon like a slug one leg at a time. This is not me, this is not who I’ve been my whole life. Although I have been humbled by this insane ride and have learned so much about myself as a man, father, husband and business owner. I couldn’t see past the feelings of guilt and shame…until today.

I believe that everyone needs a catalyst in their life, something that allows them to tap in to their deepest wisdom and power. Oddly enough I just received that catalyst from YOUR blog. I thought I was reading about one of the guys behind Meskada, but you completely caught me off guard with your eloquent, loving words. I believe you really care about humanity and it seems as though you are living your truth, your purpose. Your honesty inspires me. Today will be the last day I wake up at noon out of escapism. I’m not sure how the hell to rebuild my life but I will attack each day with a renewed sense of purpose and vision until I figure it out. 1% idea and 99% decisive action… love it!

You’ve reminded me of my greatness and that inaction is what is killing my unborn child’s future. Thank you with all my heart Jay. I hope you are proud of the man you are every day because your words have reached someone.

With gratitude and humility,



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