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Nobody does it alone… I didn’t – no one does.

You’d kill to get un-stuck, figure out what’s wrong with your biz, come up with new ideas, products, services, marketing, slogans, website designs, strategies, campaigns and even entirely new approaches to making money that will transform not only your business, but your lifestyle.

We both know that’s impossible to do in a vacuum.

The real magic in business, the giant leaps forward, huge ideas, exponential gains and brilliant breakouts happen when you bring the right people into the mix. Especially people from the outside who have the objectivity and perspective to see your world in way you’re no longer capable of seeing it, then rocking that world with transformative insights, strategies and tactics that would’ve remained invisible to you for months, years or even forever.

Yes. You need people. We all do.

Problem is, the level of people who would make the biggest difference on a full-time or even part-time basis would cost you six-figures per person, per year to hire. That’s a tough nut for any business, especially one that not humming along flush with cash.

What if you could just dial up that same high-level strategic and marketing brainpower when you most needed it?

What if you could pay only for those brief bursts of insight and information, not full-time, not even part-time, but as you need it?

You can. I can be your people. I can be your virtual mentor and coach. I can connect you with the who’s who in marketing, business, technology, design, film, transformation, personal and professional development and more.

There are two basic options available.

Personal Coaching

Get one-on-one personal coaching sessions (skype/phone) with me and unleash your inner awesomeness

Partner with Jay

Become one of my affiliates and I will teach you everything I know about making a shit-ton of money online.

WAKE UP with Jay

Thousands of people a week dial into my weekly show for their wake up call – join me every week and let’s WAKE UP a whole new generation of world leaders.

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