What’s Going to Drive You in 2013?

Transcript based on January 1st, 2013 podcast WAKE UP: What Drives You?

What Drives You?

Welcome to your first WAKE UP call of 2013! For many of us, a new year affords us a chance to start fresh and live a new way. In any way we want to, we can make it significant.

For those of you who know me, you know I have a Roman numeral X tattoo on my left forearm. This stands for the number 10, where J is the tenth letter of the alphabet. It also has meaning to me, symbolizing the X factor. I identify with it. It’s now 2013, and for me the number 13 has significance as well: the 13th letter in the alphabet is M, which is the first letter of both my kids’ names.

What is your motivator?

I’m not superstitious, but there’s a bigger meaning here. The significance of 2013 to each of us is whatever we choose to make it. For me, this year will not be about me. 2013 will begin a period in my life where everything I am – as a father, an entrepreneur, and as a person – will be devoted to my children. Everything will be for them.

You have an opportunity to make this year about something that is important to you.

If you can’t relate to this in your life, that’s OK. The important point is that you have an opportunity to make this year about something significant to you. Need a do-over? Want to start a new path? Define what’s important to you, and make 2013 all about it.

What if you could make this year into anything you wanted? Call me naive, but I believe that whatever you can conceive and set your mind to, you can achieve.

The majority of happy, abundantly successful, fulfilled entrepreneurs out there, they are those who created their own way. It is what separates them from everybody else. They can create whatever they want whenever they want with whomever they choose, and one common thread between all of them is a drive to write their own ticket.

What do I mean by “drive”? It’s direction. When you’re driving a car, you’re driving in only one way at a time because you wish to get somewhere. To drive is to have a destination in mind. Whatever your drive is for 2013, it has to be something that compels and motivates you to do what most people wouldn’t do. For me, my drive is my kids. What’s yours?

What’s going to make you stop settling for the circumstances that control you?

Anyone can be extraordinary. Anyone can have an extraordinary life; it comes from extraordinary drive. Normal people don’t have it, and that’s why they live normal lives. What’s going to make you stop settling for the circumstances that control you?

True success is based on building something. It’s not just money that results from that, but happiness and fulfillment. It’s from knowing you built something that you can be proud of.

When I built with LEGOs as a kid, it would make me happy to build something, even if I broke it down just to build something else right afterwards. There’s a satisfaction that comes from creating something; it goes beyond money. It’s why being an entrepreneur is so addictive and provides lasting fulfillment and happiness that you can’t get any other way.

Making money alone won’t give you that feeling. For many people, money is an evil thing – it was something that made me uncomfortable to think about for years. Some people think that, for someone to make a dollar, someone else has to lose one, and that’s not a good concept to them. “If I get a bigger slice of the pie, it must mean someone else is getting a smaller slice, right?” That’s the beauty of entrepreneurship because entrepreneurs create a bigger pie. That’s what makes money a good thing, and that’s the kind of money you will attract into your life in 2013.

Find a driver that’s so strong that it takes control of you. Then, hold on for the ride!

Money can be a motivator; it was my biggest driver for years. However, to be successful, you have to find a driver that is bigger than yourself. Once that becomes true for you, you will do things outside of your comfort zone that you normally wouldn’t do.

Your drive will come from an infinite well deep inside you, and it won’t run out just because what you’re doing isn’t normal or comfortable. Understand that you cannot, of your own volition, possess the motivation daily required in order to get the results you really desire in life. There has to be a driving force as to why you’re doing things that normal people would never do.

All those “normal” people have become addicted to a comfort that is more important to them than their drive to be extraordinary, and they fall into a pattern of living based on their circumstances. If you desire to get beyond that and be extraordinary yourself, you have to become one of the small number of people who have something you believe in so much that it takes control of you and drives you.

Picture what I’m saying here like this. You’re the vehicle, not the driver, of your life. The driver is your motivating force. The vehicle does what its driver tells it to do. You must find the driver that’s so strong in your life that it takes control and steers you where you really want to go. Even if, it’s uncomfortable, the path sometimes scary and unfamiliar, you’ve got to find that driver that makes you willing to go beyond your circumstances and your comfort zone.

Sports is a great example of this: All those professional athletes who work so hard on their bodies for so long. For what? Just for a shot, a moment of glory. These athletes have something bigger that is driving them to be extraordinary. It sounds crazy to us maybe, but, not to them.

What’s going to drive you, this year?

Entrepreneurs have to be the same way to be truly successful. You cannot trust in your own motivation. Whatever it is that drives you to become extraordinary, figure it out right now and dedicate 2013 to it. If you don’t, the things that have (or haven’t) driven you in the past will just keep driving you, and you’ll end up going towards the same destination you always have been.

Let this be your first WAKE UP call this year: don’t go to bed tonight until you figure out what drives you. There is something in your life that you will give up your comfort to achieve. Do you know what it is, and will you choose to follow it?  That is the choice you have today, and that is the choice that will guide where you go in 2013. Make it a good one!