Check out this picture I shot earlier today sitting here at J-Budd’s house in Del Ray, CA… I am on vacation for the next week and decided it would be a blast to couch-surf with some of my best friends on the west coast and wow, was I right.

First of all I gotta tell you, I love this guy. Like a brother.

There are SOOO few people who care as deeply and authentically about others as this guy.

Anyways, check out this picture I took after taking a nap on his back patio by the pool…


So, how is it that a kid, barely out of diapers and momma’s bosom has lifetime earnings of over $15m..?

There is something you need to know.

He knows his shit.

He is a visionary.

He is way smarter than me.

Basically, he creates solutions for people that no one else thinks of. He is years ahead of the curve and I am always sooo inspired when I get to hang out with him…

That’s how HE does it. But, what’s in it for you?

It’s simple.

YOU can benefit in a BIG way from his latest breakthrough innovation.

Basically, he took what e-harmony did for dating – and applied it to making money online.

The quiz that e-harmony uses matches you up with people who share things in common and match your energetic profile. Cool, but not groundbreaking.

This survey…?

Well, this will tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are what your income potential is. Then it will tell you what you need to do to turn your weaknesses into your strengths and beat out the competition (and finally begin to create the Internet Lifestyle) you want to live.

It takes about 3-5 min to complete and will email you your results as soon as you are done… check it out.

But, don’t delay! This survey will only be up for the next 24 hours or so…



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