An exclusive Web Event with DEA co-founders Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

Hello friend,

Digital Experts Academy is the world’s first all-in-one, solution that blazes a linear path from where you are now to financial self-sufficiency and a “Digital Lifestyle” of your choosing. And, over the last 12 months we have been quietly working away on a brand new, world-class solution for individuals and small businesses who are looking to escape the strangle-hold of the struggling “Titanic” economy and successfully make the transition to the new Digital Economy.

This is a holistic approach that encompasses every aspect of what is required for you to achieve a life of independence and self-reliance. This is a new way of living; a unique lifestyle where you get to call the shots, control your income and hours, and enjoy everything life has to offer without the drain of working for someone else.

A Whole New World

What if we could open up a whole new world of possibility?

A world where:

  • You control your income
  • You control your hours/schedule
  • You control when and where you work
  • Your work schedule is built around your lifestyle so you never have to miss another one of your kids’ soccer practices, or school plays
  • You are able to buy everything you want, with cash
  • You’ve eliminated your credit card debt
  • You are able to consistently contribute to your savings account
  • At the end of the day, you’re building YOUR life, YOUR dreams, YOUR legacy, YOUR destiny

A whole different way of thinking, acting, producing, and living…

We are talking about YOU creating YOUR digital lifestyle. Your life on YOUR terms.

If this sounds appealing to you and you are ready to:

  • Make a serious, long-term investment in yourself and your future
  • Willing to take the time to acquire new skill sets and mindsets that will enable you to legitimately EARN your way, in the new Digital Economy
  • Willing to transform your relationships with time and money by reprogramming and recalibrating your paradigms
  • Willing to let go of everything that is currently holding you back and draining your energy
  • Willing give up your addiction for bandage solutions (“make money” or “get money” schemes)

If you are ready, willing and able, we have exactly what you’ve been dreaming about.

How we got to this point…

Over the years, as top producers in the world of Internet marketing and affiliate marketing, we have collectively earned millions of dollars. We have also been teaching our students (sub-affiliates) our secrets, strategies and techniques along the way. Our students and sub-affiliates have already earned in excess of $50mm online over the last few years.

But this wasn’t good enough for us.

Now, more than ever, there is a need for a real, professional alternative to the junk clogging up the internet. A real solution that arms people with the real skills required for true, sustainable financial independence.

Times have changed and things are different now

free-moneyMisinformation, hype, and thinly veiled money schemes continue to run rampant now more than ever before.

With the advent of social media and the ability for people to share information quicker than ever before there is mass confusion everywhere.

As a result people are confused, turned off and in some cases downright sick and tired of all the junk out there. En masse they came to us with the same challenges…

They said they are “jaded…” They wanted something “real.” Something “substantial.” Something “transparent with a legitimate business model.” They said they were “sick of the hype, broken promises and tasteless marketing tactics…”

Digital Experts Academy was born out of necessity.


Out of necessity for a PROFESSIONAL alternative to the crap online… Thus, we decided to partner, combine our resources, technology and platforms, PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS and launch a brand new, completely unique and exclusive private community for professionals.

Something cutting edge for the serious, entrepreneurial minded person who is ready to leave the opportunity seeker mentality behind. We cut out the dead wood and ended all relationships with (partners, affiliates, leaders, etc…) anyone who didn’t share the same vision.

We combined everything that has proven to be successful in the past and built a brand new Digital Lifestyle Business System to fill in the gaps and eliminate as much human error as possible.

All of this

  • Designed to eliminate as much human error as possible
  • All of the heavy lifting and grunt work (sales, etc.,) done for you
  • Without a twinge of “ick” or “get rich quick” slime
  • Without MLM, network marketing and their ridiculous compensation plans, binary BS
  • With pride, integrity, and a sold foundation of time-tested, proven success principles
  • With a world class brand image you will be proud to associate with

Do you fit the mold?

If you find yourself thinking about the following points from time to time, you will love what we are about to unveil on this exclusive webinar!

  • What’s real? What’s legitimate? What option is there for professionals?
  • Is there a real, viable alternative out there?
  • What options are there for the serious business minded type of individual? Is there something I can do without having to compromise my standards? Without having to hide it in the closet…?
  • I wish there was an online income opportunity out there, a “business system” that gives me all the benefits of a traditional franchise, but without the startup costs, employees, or inventory hassles.
  • I wish there was a way for me to legitimately replace my income without having to deal with all of the learning curves I have struggled with in the past.
  • I wish I could be part of an exciting group, a community of enlightenedempoweredsuccess-minded professionals who are not only doing good for themselves but also their communities, and those around them.
  • I wish there was something out there I could identify with, be proud to be associated with, and excited to share with my friends and family…

Introducing Digital Experts Academy


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