Have you ever found yourself constantly looking for an answer?

Have you been stuck and overwhelmed knowing that you need to find a solution for something that’s been on your mind?

If you’re like most people walking this Earth, then the answer 100% of the time should be yes. It happens to all of us at some point.

In what areas of life are you looking for an answer or solution? What are the answers that you are looking for?

Maybe it’s something that you’re dealing with; frustration with something. And it could be anything.

But maybe if we’re less attached to thinking that we know what the answer is and waiting for a specific solution to show up, we should just be open to whatever that solution might be.

It made me wonder how many times in life are there solutions; answers to our problem, to our wants and our needs right in front of our eyes. We don’t recognize them; we don’t see them like that.

And here’s a great example of something I recently experienced.

A Wake Up Call From a Bike and Two Dogs

You read that correctly.

I recently had experienced a wake-up call regarding answers I needed from a situation that involved my bike getting stolen from my garage and needing a dog walker / house sitter.

Let’s start with the latter, my dogs. They are like children to me. I travel often, and the stress of finding the right situation for them while I’m gone has not always worked out well . . . and I’ve tried everything.

I need to find the right solution for taking care of my dogs while I’m gone so there’s no separation anxiety for them, as well as the stress it causes all of us. I have been doing this for years, and I have been looking for a solution for some time.

Now let’s talk about my bike.

About a month ago I had a bike stolen from my garage, which is ironic because nothing ever gets stolen here. And funny enough, they took the crappiest bike out of all 6 of them I’m thinking that maybe it was just some kid who needed to get home, so he took it.

It had been bothering me for the past month. How does this bike get stolen from my front garage? The door must have been open.

Well, I live in a really small town, and there was a police officer on my street, so I walked over him to talk about it. I told him about my story and was wondering if there were any other reports of stolen bikes.

The police officer mentioned they have a locker of bikes that get abandoned, and he’d be happy to go back and check. So I waited.

Upon his return, he notifies me there were no bikes like the one I described, but in that same moment, a black SUV I had never seen drove up to my neighbors’ house with the neighbors’ dog in it.

Now, let’s talk about things falling into place when you least expect it. If it wasn’t for the random fact I was talking to this police officer in my front yard, I wouldn’t have noticed this black car pull up with my neighbor’s dog.

I politely asked the owners of the car, “Hey, you found their lost dog?” He said, “Nope, we’re just their dog walkers.”

Talk about timing, I walked up to them and asked them if they do this as a business. He said yes. His girlfriend is a vet tech. This is what we do; we take care of people’s dogs.

I was blown away, so I asked, “Geez, you have a card? I travel a lot. I’m looking for a new solution. Someone to come in and help me with my two dogs.

He said, “No worries. We’ll come, pick them up and we can house sit or stay over if that’s what you want.”

So, here I am as we’re standing in the middle of the street and the solution to something I wanted just presented itself.

An Unforced Solution Always Presents Itself

The wake-up call for me is that we can often try to force outcomes when we clearly don’t have to. A solution will always present itself.

And it didn’t present itself until I realized, recognized, acknowledged, and had a conversation with another human being to express how I’m feeling in previous days, that it then presented itself.

Of course, in my mind, I had this ideal solution worked out. I needed a combination of someone not just checking on the dogs, but staying in the guest room a few nights as well, so they don’t have separation anxiety. Then, once I verbalized it, within a day, it was there.

As a side note, keep in mind that these people have been taking care of the neighbor’s dog for two years. I had never noticed. I don’t recall ever seeing them drive up to the house, pick up the dog or dropping off the dog. It’s not like they just started yesterday, but I just noticed it yesterday. Why?

Because the answer is usually right in front of us.

The Answer Is Usually Right In Front Of You

See, more often than not, we can be in our heads about all kinds of stuff. However, when you start talking about it, and you put it out there, it starts taking shape. Part of the secret is not to be attached to what you think the solution looks like.

And the reason being is that we usually get what we ask for, but we don’t recognize it because it looks different than what we had anticipated in our minds.

The solution may not be the same color, the same look, the same feel or have the same particular details that we expect. Nonetheless, it’s still magical when it comes because it’s a solution; your solution.

And maybe it’s better than we could have imagined.

This wake-up call made me wonder how many times in life there are solutions or answers to our problem, for our wants and our needs, right in front of our eyes. Especially when we don’t recognize them; we don’t see them like that.

See, sometimes as adults, we have to have it, and we have to have it right now.

We get locked onto something or attached in our mind, but maybe we just need to take a step back and let it come to us. Let the solution come to you.

There’s a time and place for everything. There’s a time to go out there and hunt, and pursue, and fight, and be persistent and all of that, but there’s also a time to let them come to you and happen naturally.

In short, put out there what it is you want, refrain from any expectations and be open to receiving your answers accordingly. Just be present and you’ll find that the most incredible parts of life are the ones that happen when you least expect them.

All my best,


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8 thoughts on “The Most Incredible Parts Of Life Are the Ones That Happen When You Least Expect Them”

  1. Hi Jay, how strange a timing I receive this blogpost from you… as this’s exactly what a friend and I were talking about a problem that I have right now in my life, must be a sign 🙂 ! Thank you for the reminder, I shall keep my eyes peeled.

  2. Rondell Henry

    My time and moments usually occurr when im connected to nature in the garden going for a walk in the park its just that most times we over complicate things that we do not see the opportunities that present themselves to us

  3. Maureen Absten

    Non nutrient food & chemicals toxifying many then pharma & so many others. Sorry most disease chemical artificial blocking nutrients, Genome research very well thought out like the cholesterol lie & that drugs help anything being artificial.

  4. Maria Edwards

    Hi, Jay! I have to share that a year ago I came to the same realization. I’m more mindful of my environment since then and every single day I receive answers to my questions the strangest ways, even if they were asked a long time ago. Every single time I am mesmerized with it and feel blessed with such miracles. I know that this works! Particularly, I want to share the miracle of joining SFM. I had a vision that I’m going to find a way to have financial and time freedom so that I could live with the person I’m in love with. This person currently lives 8k miles away and there is no logical hope that one day we could be together. However, him and I are stubborn people, who don’t give up easily. So I wrote down the vision of myself in my perfect life. I even put down the goals and discussed with him, one of which was to find income source that will allow us to live in any country we want. I wasn’t even specifically researching the answers. I just thought that I should start thinking about it. The answer didn’t make me wait for too long. I got it the following day! Yes! Such big question answered in only one day! I came across a YouTube video of the Lifestyle Team, when I was looking up a completely different topic. I’ve seen such ads before and never believed that they would be helpful. This time was different and I knew this was the answer. It was the right time, the right message for me. It was even more amazing that clicking that one ad led me to the source that had a whole treasury of answers for multiple questions about the ways to reach my “perfect” self.

    1. Maria!! Sorry it has taken me a bit to answer these! This is an awesome share from you! Thank you! Yes, usually, once we know what we want, all the answers will be revealed to us! Great job and keep up all the good news!!

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