The Khan Academy is a non profit website started by former hedge fund – Harvard grad, Sal Khan in 2006. From a converted walk-in closet (yep, a closet), Khan launched the educational site with the goal: “(of) providing a world-class education to anyone, anywhere.”

The site, a sort of a virtual school, boasts some 1,600 plus video tutorials on a encyclopedic roster of subjects…getting 70,000 views a day! Khan was anointed by King Midas himself,  when none other than Mr. Bill Gates said he is an avid fan and uses them with his children.

Pretty amazing huh? Did you catch the fact that this is a non-profit? F-R-E-E.

Education and Leadership go hand in hand; one cannot exist without the other. As entrepreneurs, our true capital worth lies not with our assets in the bank, but rather the assets we create in others. With our ability, effort, and commitment to LEAD.

Khan is a great example of how to create value through intentions first, and not monetary results. The money is simply a byproduct of that value. I have no doubt he will soon join the pantheon of the lucky few who are scooped up by some gazillion dollar contract.

Well deserved. GIVE first.

All the best,




Jay Kubassek


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