Entrepreneurs pride themselves on being problem solvers. We identify a problem or a need and we pair it with a solution. Bada-bing! Problem solved and income earned- it’s what we do!

Sometimes it seems everything that could ever be invented and patented has already been thought of, right? So what opportunity is left for the rest of us?

Where is the opportunity for the little guy to make the big leap to the big pond and make his mark?

Big problem, right?

Is it possible that a subtle shift in the way we think could ultimately lead to a definitive shift in financial self-reliance and independence?

There is a solution that I, along with countless others, have consistently proven to be true.

In short, it’s not about having the next big idea or knowing what that next big idea is and then capitalizing on it.

It’s not about waiting for that one opportunity, nor is it about going to school so that you’re ready for that opportunity when it arrives… it’s not about getting ready to get ready to get ready so that when opportunity calls you can answer- none of that!

Regardless whether you’re working a job or running a business as a professional, with everything in life, there’s a cycle of cause and effect. Everything we say and do has an impact one way or another.

The shift I’m talking about is switching from being reactive to “proactive” – in every sense of the word. Every interaction, everyone we interact with, give us an opportunity to choose: Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you… Or, a status quo- yet justifiable- reaction.

What goes around comes around.

So what does it mean to “Shift Things Forward”?

Take a look at all your significant relationships, (whether personal or business,) the relationships you truly value, and do a gut check “Did I shift things forward in a good, positive, productive way?”

It’s as simple as that! Well, almost…

Life is simply easier without energy zapping drama.

One of the many laws of nature is this: “Current always follows the path of least resistance.” Thus, it can take tremendous will-power to overcome the “easy way out” (aka reaction.)

At the end of the day were you proactive in your interactions, especially during chaos, negativity, and drama?

When you “shift” into this way of thinking you automatically become a different type of person and it’s these types of people that can be named as the next generation of leaders.

The kind of people who always tend to gravitate to the top- regardless what they’re doing.

How many times has a customer or someone in your personal life approached you with negativity or drama? What was your response?

The thought of becoming an entrepreneur is daunting enough…

Nobody ever feels as though they have what it takes- before they achieve their desired success. But if you apply this shift into your work you will one day realize you do have what it takes for a happy and fulfilled life that you absolutely love!

Be the change! Shift things forward and be great! Be the person your dog thinks you are:)

All my best,


Jay Kubassek

P.S. This post is based on my June 25, 2013 WAKE UP! podcast Shift Things Forward

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