This morning Google, in typical Google fashion, released the numbers (along with a nifty little map) of the total amount of money the company stimulated in American economic activity for 2009. You ready for this number? …An incredible $54 BILLION DOLLARS! Impressive right? And that’s only the United States!

This money, were told, went towards American businesses, web publishers and non-profits. As Google stated in their press release today: “…We’re more than just a search engine.” Well yes friends, you most certainly are! The link below will take you to Google’s Economic Impact Report: .

I gave it a look earlier, fascinating information. You can see definitively, in pure dollars and cents, what states are truly excelling at creating progressive Internet related revenue, and which are still drastically behind the curve. How did your state make out?

The evolution of the Internet will never be defined by a single purpose. I think that’s partially what makes it as rare and dynamic as it is. But one thing is certain, it is at the forefront of global commerce and a commodity in and of itself. And it sure isn’t showing a single sign of slowing down.

Saddle up friends, the waves are just beginning.

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Jay Kubassek


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