Success is the way you walk the paths of life each and every day,
It’s in the little things you do
And in the things you say.
It’s not in reaching heights or fame,
It’s not in reaching goals, that all men seek to claim.
Success is being big of heart,
Clean, and broad of mind.
Success is being faithful to your friends,
And the stranger, kind.
Success is in your teammates, your family,
And what they learn from you,
Success is having character in everything you do.

From Tom Landry Man Of Character


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1 thought on “The Definition Of Character”

  1. Nice Jay! My grandfather explained a mans character to me when I was young and it always stuck with my. He said, “You can determine a mans character by two things; his ability to continue doing what he has committed to even when it isn’t fun and, if you could see it, what he does when no one else is looking.” Thanks for staying committed to creating a way for all of us!

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