New York, NY- CarbonCopyPRO, the internet-based marketing system responsible for launching the revolutionary “Business-In-a-Box” hosted it’s first ever “10FOR10” conference in New York City. The select group of members granted access to this private event spent the day accruing insider tips and work-shopping the latest online marketing strategies with Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson (CarbonCopyPRO co-founders), Howie Schwartz (Executive producer of Grand Theft Auto) and Web 2.0 Masters Jimmy Davis and Dennis Karganilla (Founders of MLM Goldmine) accruing insider tips, and work-shopping the latest online marketing strategies.

Parkinson remarked, “The “10FOR10” Event was great for attendees because it gave them a chance to be under the microscope of five industry experts. When you are in a sales industry you never get honest feedback from your prospects, you just get hung up on. “10FOR10″ attendees got to have their marketing campaigns and their skill sets broken down and built back up. This could only be done in such an intimate environment.”

Michael Force, a CarbonCopyPRO top income earner remarked, “The “10FOR10” is the one thing I wish I would have had the opportunity to attend when I began my Internet Marketing Career ten years ago. It would have been a real game changer for me because I could have learned in a day what ended up taking ten. In effect, it would have expedited my million dollar a year income goal”.

At the end of the day, helping people grow and reach their potential is this company’s mission. And PRO’s goal: to create a group of at least 100 millionaires by 2012. “This event was a total success”, commented one attendee, and the PRO team couldn’t have agreed more. 2009 registration will be announced soon. All “10FOR10” events are by invitation only.

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