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I’m Jay Kubassek, entrepreneur, investor, father and believer in bigger things. While I live the exact life I want, and with purpose...


“My dad is disciplined and really good with words—putting things into perspective and making things hearable so they make sense. He makes you want to learn. 

I think I’m very stubborn like him. And we both want to create new paths, both natural leaders. He’s a natural leader in every way. 

At this point, I think he really just wants to enjoy the rest of his life, spend some time with his kids, and be happy.”

- Milo Kubassek (Jay's son), age 15

“Jay definitely has a very different mind, which I think is a huge benefit and also a curse. But that’s what his brilliance is, too. He binge watches farming videos of tractors and combine harvesters. Who does that? But he’s kind and generous with people from strangers to family to friends, always non judgemental. My number one word for him: supportive.”

- Steph (his partner)

Jay Kubassek, The Company’s Founder And CEO, Grew Up On A Commune Founded By His Grandfather She’ll never be obsolete again: Turned out

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