Sometimes life has a way of bringing us to our knees…

It’s in these times of challenge that our character is tested and our faith tried. Sometimes the most basic needs become a matter of life and death, literally. There are times when the burden, pain and challenge being faced are more than we can individually bear.

It’s in these times that, if one is fortunate, there’s the love and support of a caring family to lean on. But sometimes that’s not enough. It’s in these times that if one is fortunate enough to be a part of a caring community, one that cares for its members, then the power of the community is felt.

Brenda has a rare and debilitating form of lupus that has slowly robbed her of the ability to be outdoors, in public or to be around other people.

With virtually no immune system, she has to wear a mask just to go from her house to the car for her weekly treatments at the University of Michigan hospital, which is a four-hour round trip.

100% of Mark & Brenda’s salary goes towards paying for medical bills not covered by her health insurance, virtually bankrupting them over the years…

It is to the point, where, she’s now faced with a serious dilemma.

Michigan winters are cold and long. The snow is deep and the wind is biting. Last week the transmission in Brenda and Mark’s old car finally failed. No, this is not the big black Cadillac Escalade they once proudly owned. That was sold long ago to help cover doctor bills.

Since their car broke down they’ve been borrowing one from a friend…

Brenda didn’t ask for help.

Brenda doesn’t expect help.

Brenda doesn’t even talk about her situation.

She’s too busy supporting and caring for the people around her…

This is what makes OUR community, HER community. We know a member in need, when we see it. It goes without saying that Brenda deserves for us to rally together and help her in this time of pain, suffering and need.

Brenda deserves a decent vehicle to get to the hospital for her weekly treatments—without worrying about her car breaking down, leaving her stranded on the side of the road… in one of the guaranteed blizzard snowstorms… that will undoubtedly sweep through central Michigan this winter.

Brenda deserves a safe, reliable car that has proper seats that are comfortable for her body, which is racked in pain by this debilitating disease. Again, Brenda isn’t asking for anything. She’s a proud, strong woman and there’s no doubt she’d survive one way or another–regardless of how much we care about her.

We’re going to take care care of her. We’ve already found the perfect vehicle. It’s a 2010 GMC Sport Utility with 35k miles. It’s a safe, reliable, comfortable vehicle that sits up high—making getting in and out of it easier for her. Also allowing her 2-hour one-way trek to the clinic to be as bearable as possible.

Please give what you can and I will personally see to it that she’s taken care of…

No amount is too small. Every dollar is appreciated. Let’s take this opportunity to show Brenda how much we care about her—the single most caring person I know… Let’s bless her with this gift.

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Jay Kubassek


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