Freedom is a possession of inestimable value. – Marcus Tullius Cicero


The Value of Freedom

Freedom /ˈfrēdəm/ (noun) – the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Yet how many people really feel they are partaking in this power?

How many people feel as though they act, speak or think freely everyday without having a little “worry” attached to it somehow?

This has to be one of the hardest feelings to achieve!! I know because I’ve been working on it for years.

See, somewhere along the line, many people got a bit caught up in societal norms that they forgot to act more on instinct.

And as they got older, they tended to be more confined to “in-the-box” thinking, as well as making risk averse decisions that don’t allow them to truly live a “free” life.

So, what is a free life?

Well, I believe it’s one where you are in more control over your thoughts; where you are the creator; where you ask questions and find solutions; where you discover your true purpose and live your highest maximum potential.

There’s freedom in knowing that you are not affected by other people’s opinions, negative emotions or inappropriate behavior because you are tied to your true inner self.

That’s what I believe freedom is.

But what is the price of freedom?

Well, first we must acknowledge how fortunate we are and how far we have come in society.

Let’s not forget that there have been decades of warfare, oppression, disputes, protests and more, in order to bring us equality, freedom of choices and endless opportunities.

I note this, not to bring in a political agenda, but to express how lucky we are to live in a free society, one that is protecting our rights as individuals to create and manifest our dreams and desires.

Our freedoms came at a cost; one that is still, in some cases, being defended today.

In fact, regardless of your circumstances, you can do just about anything with your life . . . if you want it badly enough.

Consider this:

The circumstances we have are so rich, so ripe, so fertile that one might almost say it’s our obligation to take advantage of this freedom.

And in many ways, we owe it to those still fighting for their freedoms in places where it’s less promoted or applicable.

So, with that, let’s bring it back to the level of the mind.

Freedom is a state of mind, and it doesn’t have to necessarily mean you’re an entrepreneur, nor does it mean life has to look one certain way.

Freedom means that you are living a life of your choice, on your terms, in order to be fulfilled and at peace.  You are able to do that which you feel most passionately about – whatever that looks like to you.


Millions of people choose to live a confined life; one on autopilot; one with constraints away from what’s potentially meant for them; one that acquaints oneself to the system. They act as though they don’t have a choice!

Are you aware that according to some research 90% of all employees come home from their job at the end of the day feeling unfulfilled.

That’s a horrible thing when you think about it. 90% of all employees do not feel fulfilled with their job. And I know some people will say, “But at least they’re responsible”.

Ah, but are they? Are you aware that an unfulfilled person is disengaged, and a disengaged employee will make more mistakes, be less productive and be less collaborative?

How responsible is that?

Now throw in the fact that you work for a “taskmaster”, you don’t control your primary activities in your waking hours, you have to do what you are told, you lack the ability to control your own schedule, you have to operate at a certain capacity or you risk being penalized.

No wonder 90% of the population is unfulfilled.

How badly do you want freedom?

So, my question is – How badly do you want freedom?

What’s holding you back? What are you so scared of in pursuing that which is meant for you? In pursuing a dream? A life?

I guarantee you that if you take a leap of faith, the world will present itself to you. Your entire journey will unfold in the manner in which you were destined.

Remember – It is your obligation to capitalize on the freedom and choices we have.

All my best,


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2 thoughts on “Freedom’s Big Ticket Price Tag”

  1. WOW…bull’s eye..your surly gifted with words of truth.

    I’m guilty of the turn style employment, a few years ago my son was asked what do you want to be when you grow up. Jakob said…I’m going to be a underground coal miner like my Dad…..wake up call punched me in the guts real hard. I was shocked with his answer, I’ve been showing him the horrid life of 30 years of shift work and slowly killing myself.

    I’m 52 single parent and walk into the pit every day and come home beat and sore. Just to repeat every day year in year out. Not a bad wage but terrible life insurance and pension is almost nill. Hum….not a great trade off for my work and sure to follow failing health, or coming out on a stretcher.

    I want to show my son that his Dad can become more than what he is now. With guidance from Jay and Stu and SFM family support circle. And that my son will follow in my footsteps. Thank you so much for gift of success and your sincere concern of me and SFM family.

    So look forward to the future and learning a new life and being with real down to earth people….that truly care about one’s success.

    1. Lee! You’re already ahead of most people because you truly care about yourself, change, transformation, your son and doing what’s best for both of you! We’re honored to have you for the journey!!

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