If only people realized that they are also in the 1%, they would stop worrying about themselves, snap out of their victim hood, and start helping those around them make their lives better and solve their problems, and increase their income even more!

I am working on a piece right now that stunned even me. Here are some quick facts to help put life into perspective.

If you make $500,000 a year in the US, you are in the top 1% in income.


If you make $50,000 A YEAR you are in the richest 1% in the WOLRD. (Click here to see how you personally measure up against the other 7 billion people on the planet.)

Where do you/your family fit in…? Recently the 7 billionth person was born. This is an incredible milestone for humanity and a great opportunity to stop and think about the reality of live for billions of people.

Over 3 BILLION live on less than $2.50 a day and at least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day (this is considered the poverty line here in the US.)

1 Billion of the world’s 2.2 Billion children live in poverty without clean water etc. 22,000 of them die EVERY DAY and 50,000 people total die EVERY DAY from poverty. THAT’s a football stadium every day folks.

So, what is your excuse for not being wealthy and living the life of your dreams? i am not saying that you have to commit yourself and your life to freeing the world of poverty and malnutrition… what I am saying though, is that if you are laying with your face in the mud, even though there IS NO FOOT of oppression on your neck, shame on you!

In a couple of weeks I will be rolling out a personal mentorship program where I am going to take 100 people and show them each how to make $1mm each, simply by helping others. These 100 people will be case studies for a book that I plan to publish in 2013.

If you are interested in being one of my 100 case studies, please subscribe to my email list above and stay tuned for details.


P.S. I consider “mud” anything less than your highest potential. You deserve it, and can have it all. Stop making excuses for yourself and unleash your inner entrepreneur. The world is yours! Stop being a victim and GO GET IT!


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