The One Who Survives, is the One That’s the Most Adaptable to Change.

I have a new friend named Loy Machedo on Facebook.  Meeting him was a wake up call for me.  Talk about “wearing your heart on your sleeve”.  Talk about “no holds barred!”  Talk about saying it the way it is!  Talk about being in “pattern interrupt”!

To me it’s tremendously inspiring to see people who are committed to being in “pattern interrupt” because, at the end of the day, life is happening right now.

Nothing scares me more than arriving at the grave totally intact!

So many times we get lulled into thinking “status quo” is good enough, and that mediocrity will get us to the finish line.  True, it will get you to the finish line but “getting to the end” is not the goal.

Those who take today for granted are those who are waiting to arrive safely at the grave.

The goal I’m talking about is living each day to its maximum capacity.  There have been many, many days where I have lived for the end.  It’s a pitiful thing to get complacent in life, having no direction, no emanation, and existing as if there’s nowhere to go except through the motions.  That kind of existence is such a waste of what could be an otherwise fulfilled and inspirational life!

There are people that literally have to put on their coat of armor just to make it through a day.

We have absolutely no right to cruise through our days taking for granted even the little things.  For some, it is a daily fight just to eke out a primitive existence.  Those are the people who live for today because it’s all they have…

Charles Darwin educates us that, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives, it is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Today is about making the most of what you have no matter what set of circumstances you’re having to deal with!  Remember, “It’s all about perspective”.  Can you, no matter what your circumstances, perceive yourself as being able to adapt in order to take the necessary steps towards creating the better life you desire? Are you “fit to survive”?

Being comfortable and subscribing to “status quo” has never gotten the job done for anyone who’s built something of substance.

Any of the big name brands that have survived the decades never got here by way of status quo.  Consider the obstacles someone like Levi Strauss went through to build the foundation of what became a colossal brand.  Sheer determination, belief in themselves and their gut instincts drove these pioneers to survive the odds that were against them.

Yet, today despite all the resources and conveniences we have it’s still so easy to become complacent when life becomes painful and circumstances uncomfortable, a lack of drive and a lack of inspiration sets in.  Sometimes I’m disgusted with myself for what I take for granted.  It’s revolting how spoiled rotten we are!  You cannot be both creative and complacent at the same time.

Having said this, I’ve decided to take it up a notch…

At the end of the day, whose reflection are you facing in the mirror?  Are you looking at the possibility and potential that’s waiting to be found and unlocked?  Or are you living as a victim, someone who’s addicted to a pain profile?

Fearing failure is to fear progress- have courage.

Step into success.  Ask, “How can I make an impact?  What can I give?  How can I contribute 110%?  What can I do to my utmost best?  What dragons can I slay?”

Regardless of our circumstances, we will never out- perform our self image.

That’s all it comes down to.  Whatever your talent is, stop minimizing and making it less than what it is.  Put an end to undermining the value of your contribution to society.

Approach life with a, “On the fly, by the seat of your pants, off the cuff, right now, listening to your gut reaction” mentality and I promise you that the pieces will fall into place for you!

Get your X, Y and Z factor wonder package together and move forward! (Read about your XY and Z factors here.)

All my best,


Jay Kubassek

P.S. This article is based on the March 5, 2013 podcast WAKE UP: Survival- How Adaptable Are You?

Read full transcript here.

Listen to podcast replay below…

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