Leveraging Yourself

Part 3 in a series of 3, (see part 1 and part 2), in this post I talk about your “Z” factors.

Earlier I talked about how the “X” and “Y” factors, along with your “Z” factors, are what form your value to society.

Your “X” factors are the things that make you unique.  Distinctively your own, they are your abilities, talents, and perspectives that exist as a result of your life experiences up until this point.

Your “Y” factors represent a specific set of core values, forged and developed through the adversities, challenges, crises, or whatever kinds of circumstances you’ve had to overcome in your life.

Maybe it’s not in your power to control the circumstances or what’s happening but, you can control how you react to them!

“Z” factors have a lot less to do with your life circumstances and really, more to do with the paradigms you live in, from which you operate.

Your “Z” factors are your “leverage” factors.  There are many different forms of leverage.  Here, we can refer to leverage as a multiplier, such as maximizing your return on time investment in your job or work as an employee, an entrepreneur, or someone whose money is working for you.

Use your environment to make the most of any circumstances you’re in right now.

Make it a game.  Working with what you currently have, ask yourself, “How can I strategically use these circumstances to my advantage?”

The way to do it is to over-deliver in value and service, and by making sure you show up with your “A” game everyday!

Give everything, every time!

Use the circumstances in your environment to increase your worth.  By constantly striving for 110%, new opportunities become inevitable.  Once you make the commitment to living that way, leveraging the assets, proactively thinking ahead, being a leader in whatever team situation you’re in, its effect will reciprocate right back into your own bank account!

If you apply this principle daily you will see a compounding effect, guaranteed!

I’m not saying it’s got to be perfect, no, it just has to be your best.

Leave nothing to chance so at the end of the day you can say, “I killed it today!  I smashed it today!  I did everything in my power to… I did my best!”

Make a life-long commitment to excellence.


Jay Kubassek

Learn more about leveraging yourself. Read the full podcast transcript here.

February 26, 2013 Podcast below.

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