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For many, a new year affords us a chance to start fresh and live in a new way.  The significance of this new year, is to each individual, whatever we choose to make it.  Each of us has an opportunity to make this a momentous year.  Need a do-over?  Want to start a new path?  Define what’s important to you, and make your days all about it.

Most happy, highly successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs have created their own way.  That is what separates them from everybody else.  These remarkable entrepreneurs create whatever they want, whenever they want with whomever they choose in their life.  The common thread between all of them is the drive they possess to write their own ticket.

Anyone can be extraordinary.  Anyone can have an extraordinary life- it comes from an extraordinary drive.

What do I mean by “drive”?  It’s direction, the “urge to go forward”.  When you’re driving a car, you’re driving in only one direction because you have a specific destination in mind.  As an individual whatever your drive is, it has to be something that compels and motivates you to do what most people wouldn’t normally do. (For me, over the years there have been many different drivers.  This year my drive is my kids.)

What is your motivator?

There’s a satisfaction that comes from creating something that goes beyond money.  It’s why being an entrepreneur is so addictive and gratifying.  On its own, making money, won’t give you that feeling.  For true success, there’s got to be a drive that’s bigger than you.

You will do things outside of your comfort zone that you normally wouldn’t do.  Your drive will come from an infinite well deep inside you, and it won’t run out. Without this relentless driver inside you, obstacles and challenges will stop you dead in your tracks. Willpower alone is not enough.  A driver that compels you- that’s much bigger than you- is the secret.

What’s going to make you stop settling for the circumstances that control you?

One cannot be motivated without a driving force.  Like I said, willpower is never enough on its own.  The addiction to being comfortable is more important to “normal” people than finding their drive to fly and be extraordinary.  Normal people fall into a pattern of living based on their circumstances.  Even if they don’t love their life or their job, they settle for the status quo because there is nothing driving them to do something more!

If you want to get beyond that and be extraordinary, become someone who has something you believe in so much that it takes control of you and drives you. Otherwise you’ll end up going towards the same destination you were headed before- living a reactionary life.

You are the vehicle, not the driver.  This is the key distinction you must get.  The driver is your motivating force, your intrinsic motivation.  The vehicle does what it’s driver tells it to do.  Thus, the million dollar question is this:

What is going to drive you?

Find a driver that’s so strong that it takes control of you.  Then, hold on for the ride!

Even if it’s uncomfortable, a path that is sometimes scary and unfamiliar, be willing to go beyond your comfort zone urged on by whatever it is that drives you to create an extraordinary life!

Be inspired to go for it!

All my best,


Jay Kubassek

P.S. This article is based on the Jan 3, 2013 podcast: WAKE UP: What Drives YOU?

Read podcast transcript here.

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