What is the entrepreneurial spirit? Everyone of us has the entrepreneurial spark, some just need a financial kick in the ass to ignite it into a raging fire.

Since childhood, our imagination, dreams and hopes have shaped not only who we are, but what we do. More importantly they have shaped what we dream to do. Often, in adulthood, what is needed is the proverbial “financial kick in the pants” to spark the entrepreneur in all of us. Today I came across a fantastic article in the New York Times about how the current economic climate has sparked a wave of entrepreneurial energy across America. Most compelling was the statistic that over half of our current Fortune 500 companies were started in a recession, including Starbucks and Microsoft!

When circumstances are most dire, the most glaring opportunities reveal themselves. It has been, and will be, the entrepreneurial spirit that lifts the global economy from our missteps.

Click Here for the full article from the NY Times.


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