As simple as it may sound, the number one problem I see daily with entrepreneurs I am mentoring is that they don’t have clear-cut goals and targets to vet their daily, weekly, monthly, actions against.

Think about how absurd this is!

  • Do you board an airplane without a specific destination?
  • Do you hop in a taxi cab with out having somewhere to go, do you?
  • Do you climb in your car and drive around for the heck of it (unless you are 85 yrs old with nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon.)

Starting a business and being an entrepreneur is no different! You MUST have a clear, specific, detailed end-goal in mind before you start. You simply cannot afford to get into business without a plan. You MUST have the destination clearly defined before to can begin.

Without a specific destination, any path will get you there. In other words you have no sense of direction because you actions aren’t vetted by the end goal. Every action, thought, and word takes you closer to, or further from your goal. If you don’t have a goal in mind when you are having the though, speaking the word, or doing the “thing” it should come as no surprise if you find yourself going in circles.

I have a very simple “set it and forget it” way of achieving my goals. It’s incredibly effective and i have used to accomplish some pretty amazing things. It flat out works.

Stay tune, I will be doing some high level training on this soon! in the mean time, take a look at this goal sheet out of my journal from Feb 2012 – ten years ago. I set these goals a full two years before making my first dollar online. Since then however, I have exceeded these by at least a multiple of 10.

For some ideas, check out my goals here…

My goal is to inspire you to take a moment and really think about what you want and set specific, defined, and deliberate goals. Without them you are only using one oar.



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