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2 thoughts on “INSIDEOUT II: Fresh Off The Press!”

  1. I feel truly blessed to be part of this community Jay. What a great job you, Aaron and all the guys from PRO have made with Insideout II..Can’t wait to share it with relatives and friends!

  2. Dear Teacher.
    l am very happy to be here together with people who shows same or different kind of interested for the value you are giving to ous. l am so happy.
    You know more than my journey its not been easy but l have understood sorry to say so important to use a notebook and a pencil you are teaching ous new things each day. The best l loved with SFM is that l can compromise better and use more freedom and the sad part is l have to train better about when to start and where to end. Your addication is pure like our swedish legal schools here in sweden. l see no difference between your quality international teaching and now l write to fast l am messing up with my computer…l am sorrry for this…l wish you a great day..miss your webinars…take good care…alot of blessings from Sweden to my especial teacher.

    Warm Regards.
    Your New Active Student.

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