Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope the season has been pleasant for you and yours! I am so very pleased to announce that my film MESKADA, is available for pre-order on DVD! Click HERE to order from!

MESKADA, Official Trailer from Jay Kubassek on Vimeo.

MESKADA: After a botched home robbery in a wealthy community leaves a small child dead, a single clue leads police detective Noah Cordin (Nick Stahl of Terminator 3 and Sin City) and his new partner (Rachel Nichols of Star Trek) to Cordin’s nearby working-class hometown. But in a struggling community full of desperate suspects, including a local laborer (Kellan Lutz of The Twilight Saga), the fuse is lit on a conflict that goes far deeper than homicide. Jonathan Tucker (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Ruins), Grace Gummer (Gigantic) and Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints) co-star in this provocative indie drama from writer/director Josh Sternfeld (Winter Solstice) about a shocking crime, an extreme investigation, and the tensions–and passions–that will explode in a county called MESKADA.

Great Film. Great Cast. Great Story. Grab your copy of MESKADA TODAY!

P.S. MESKADA is ALSO available on On-Demand (Comcast, Time Warner, Etc) and coming soon to Apple TV! (CLICK HERE)



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All the best,

Jay Kubassek


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1 thought on “MESKADA Pre-Sale Starts TODAY!”

  1. Krystyna Chlipalski

    Hi Jay,
    The film promises to be thought provoking – I feel comfortable watching murder stories, courtroom dramas, and for some reason, the villain is very often someone I wish to protect and exonerate – ‘forgive him Father, for he doesn’t know what he had done …’ – am very happpy for you – take care, Krystyna.

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