I would say, without being an anthropologist, or any other form of society studying academic, that the act of story telling is most likely the most common denominator that we share as human beings. Since the dawn of civilization (possibly earlier depending on how you consider the context) the most common, simplistic and powerful form of communication is the art of the story.

Stories impart lessons of morality in our youth, inspire us in moments of anguish as adults, they animate our imagination with inner promise when it seems there is none to be found. Stories color the depths of our being, and recall the blessings of a life well spent when our Autumn arrives. What we often fail to recognize is that each day, when our eyes open to a new dawn and dusk, a fresh piece of paper is laid before us.

Like a journal of infinite pages, or a canvas that will stretch as far as you allow it to, each new day presents an opportunity for us to compose the story of our lives. The question that remains, is who will be holding the pen?

We are often told or taught, to visualize a goal. To see ourselves in accomplishment. Conceptualize the feeling that will ensue. But what of the journey, what of the pursuit?

I’ve often thought there is equal nobility in the labor, as well as the accomplishment, of our dreams. The moments of doubt, discouragement and triumph are all meaningful parts of how we shape the person we are, and the person we seek to become. What is often missed in this discourse is that story that unfolds as we strive for something, is under our control as well.

Ask yourself each morning, as your feet take their infant steps of the day, how do I want my story to bloom today. In this living theatre of ours, remember You are the director and the actors, You are the writer, the set designer, You are the audience to your own life.

I’ve spoken and written about leaving a legacy; what we as individuals do for the betterment of more than simply ourselves. However, what we all must realize is that a legacy is built everyday. It is built in the choices and moments that seem to have no consequence, the moments that are filled with tedious details, questioning and bouts with the reins of persistence as we do all we can to stay on track. A legacy is more than a trust fund or a inheritance, a summer house, or even a college endowment. Your legacy is the story of your everyday. What you do with the hours, minutes and seconds that you own, because they are your own.

I challenge each and every one of us to grab that pen, each and every day, put ink to the pages. The script is yours to create, yours to enjoy, yours to make real.

Remember this: “the impossible, is often left untried”

All My Best,

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Jay Kubassek


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4 thoughts on “Write Your Own Story”

  1. Jay,
    Your discertation is inspiring. Thank you. I do indeed appreciate that there is so much more to the developement of character that makes us the men we are and become.

  2. Jay,
    Nicely put! It’s easy to see why you are worth so much money! I can, and I am going to meet you soon, I like your mind-set. I will keep working on mine!

    Thanks for all you Create with CCP.


  3. There is NOT equal nobility in the labor. There is MUCH more nobility in the labor. Mother Teresa comes to mind. She didn’t care about a summer house or a fancy car. Don’t get to caught up in finding happiness in material things. You’ll never find it. In the end do you think your children will care how much money you make or how much time you spend with them?


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