I think we all have a couple of friends who seem to be about 25 minutes ahead of the rest of the world? It’s like they walk around with a red “batphone” in their back pocket and whenever the next packet of “late-great-paradigm-shifting-revolutionary-whoobity-haha” information breaks — they are the first to talk, tweet, post, re-post, like, poke etc. about it!

Certainly, Twitter (amongst others) has a lot to do with the rapidly increasing speed of our information consumption. Along with the boundless and ever growing amount of RSS feeds popping up, we are truly moving into a “real time” environment of living. Safe to say the Pony Express ain’t coming back anytime soon!

But…with all that available, just how do we funnel the relevant information? The information that is helpful or pertinent for OURSELVES, OUR BUSINESS, OUR INDUSTRY?

Well here is an interesting tool that I’ve found useful when doing market specific research:

ICEROCKET: is a real time blog and trend search engine. So… let’s say you want to know what people in the “blogosphere” are discussing, searching or sharing, about maybe GOAL SETTING (similar to a post I wrote here) you can use ICEROCKET to see just who and where they are talking about it.

Website: http://www.icerocket.com/

“Information is not Knowledge”
-Albert Einstein

All my best,


Jay Kubassek


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