Ya know, in the movie The Social Network (heard of it? Ha!) there’s a scene where Mark Zuckerberg, still in college at Harvard, goes to hear a lecture from Bill Gates where he says: “the next Bill Gates could be in here right now!” (pretty meta huh?)

Whether good ole’ Marky took that very moment to heart we’ll never know, but he sure is doing what he can to emulate him, and now, he’s working with him!

It used to be an algorithm game; now you can throw math by the way-side, they will have knowledge of just what you and your friends like through your Facebook profiles. The two companies (who started working together four years ago)  are basically looking at your Facebook Like buttons you and your friends have clicked, then inserting a module into the search results that spotlights pages they’ve given a thumbs-up.

This shift into a more integrated and personalized search experience spells a massive chink in the armor of Google. Check out this great article on FastCompany for The Six things you (and Google) should know.

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