The legendary producer Brian Eno invented a great word that I’ve recently been introduced to. It’s called SCENIUS. The term refers to the fact that great innovations don’t come from independent genius, but rather from social scenes and interaction.

It’s easy to presume that in today’s day and age, progress or innovation can only come from the motivation of profits. That somehow people will find no interest in improving their lives, products, or more importantly the lives of others, if it somehow doesn’t involve making a buck.

The reality is that ideas are organic things. They need seeding, nurturing and attention. They are not glittering soloists in empty space, rather they are the connective tissue of human existence. Reliant on the energy and passion of its adoptive patrons.

In 5 days CarbonCopyPRO begins 6th Master Marketing Event. MME is a platform that was borne of the very idea that betterment comes from a collective energy; the gathering of minds and passions that progress our businesses and society at large, together.

As we near this great event (that I promise you is going to be our best ever) and we find ourselves in the midst of a global reformation of connectivity and conversation, lets never forget that time honored adage from Aristotle: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

All the best,


Jay Kubassek


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